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Termite Ninja - DIY Complete Eradication Kit - Envirobug
Termite Ninja - Ultimate DIY Ter...
from $297.00 $891.00
Termite Ninja - Safe, Effective, Affordable Protection. Designed to give you professional-grade termite prevention and treatment, Envirobug TermiteNinja bait traps can be installed by you in minutes – and will save you thousands of dollars in the process. Our customers love this product so much that we have never had a kit returned. Why TermiteNinja? Get professional grade protection – but save 80% to 90% vs. paying an exterminator (Save over $4,000 for a large house) Don’t get locked into an ‘inspection’ cost (save $900 every year!) – there is no cost to monitor for termites with our system Install yourself in minutes – no need to pay a professional No nasty chemicals – safe for you, safe for kids and pets - BUT JUST AS DEADLY TO TERMITES Simple to visually inspect (no touching) Don’t pay absurd markups for inferior/poisonous products It is the only system that allows you to directly install termite bait stations to monitor and treat termites anywhere – not just on the ground. Treat termites on walls Treat termites on the ground Treat termites in the ground Treat termites on stumps and patios They can even be painted to match your house! The termite bait is applied directly onto the spot where termites are active; no guessing, hoping or approximation Our system directly targets the queen (like a Ninja!) – her trusty soldiers carry the treatment back to the nest and once she dies, this will trigger a colony collapse. Why choose EnviroBug DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?   The flexibility of Termite Ninja Monitor & Bait Traps compared with other traps:        What you get with your EnviroBug DIY termite Ninja monitor and bait system: Everything you need to monitor, attract and kill. You get your selected number of termite Ninja multi-purpose bait traps combo complete with all the components ready to assemble and position ready to go to work. You also receive a full complement of termite attractants and termite killer baits. You can buy additional baits and Killer Bait Powder Treatments separately on our website as needed in the future. Immediately following purchase you will receive, by email, our step by step guide to help you identify the best places to install, and how to treat termites, as well as videos to ensure your system is set up quickly and easily. There are pack sizes to suit all of your needs.Our system allows you to carry out your own regular termite inspections looking for telltale signs of termite activity inside the bait stations. It is still advisable to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to identify damp spots, etc. where termites may be likely to target. Product Features: Multi-purpose termite control boxes for multiple uses. Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps will last you years and years. Generous supply of specially prepared termite timber bait. Clear indicator viewing window for ease of monitoring. Innovative box stacking system allows you to apply the killer bait without scaring termites out of an affected trap. Ant proof design prevents normal ants colonising the box. The killer bait uses the active ingredient IGR chemical chlorfluazuron at the rate of 1% per kg of pure cellulose - completely harmless to humans and animals. Package Contents:  Pack Size Pack Contents 4 Bait Station Kit 4 x Bait Station Boxes4 x Bait Station Lid Kits4 x Indicator Dowels4 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets4 x Wooden Termite Baits1 x Killer Bait Powder Treatment1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 12 Bait Station Kit 12 x Bait Station Boxes12 x Bait Station Lid Kits12 x Indicator Dowels12 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets12 x Wooden Termite Baits2 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 18 Bait Station Kit 18 x Bait Station Boxes18 x Bait Station Lid Kits18 x Indicator Dowels18 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets18 x Wooden Termite Baits3 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 24 Bait Station Kit 24 x Bait Station Boxes24 x Bait Station Lid Kits24 x Indicator Dowels24 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets24 x Wooden Termite Baits4 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 36 Bait Station Kit 36 x Bait Station Boxes36 x Bait Station Lid Kits36 x Indicator Dowels36 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets36 x Wooden Termite Baits5 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email
DIY Termite Killer Bait Powder Replacement - Envirobug
DIY Termite Killer Bait Powder R...
from $129.00 $322.00
You Can't Afford to Take Risks With Termite Control! This is your most effective way to safely resolve your termite problem. The specially formulated NON-POISONOUS and NON-TOXIC termite regulator bait will work on all subterranean termites (except the northern tropic Mastotermes Darwininsis specie) as part of the EnviroBug Termite Ninja Termite Bait system.  Our treatment contains the same strength active ingredients as professional pest controllers use - with no risk to humans or pets. The bait is conveniently packaged in easy to apply 100gram clip lock bags for easy use and long term storage. The bait is suitable for use with the EnviroBug Termite Ninja Termite Bait system. Benefits for you and your family: Easy to apply safe, non-toxic termite killer baits - 100g per treatment. It is designed to apply as a dry powder or mix with water to various consistencies depending on moisture and seasonal conditions. Suitable for use in the EnviroBug Termite Ninja Termite Bait system. The bait is registered as Termitrx and uses the active ingredient IGR chemical chlorfluazuron at the rate of 1% per kg of pure cellulose. Features: APVMA approved registered growth regulator bait No use by date - provided kept in dry sealed conditions The same strength active ingredients as professional pest controllers use (but at a MUCH lower price) Targets the Queen - takes out the colony Package Contents: Replacement Termite Killer Bait (100g per sachet) for EnviroBug Termite Ninja termite baiting system (Pack of 2, 5 or 10)
Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit Attractant
Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit...
from $25.00 $50.00
Replacement cellulose attractant tablets for EnviroBug Termite Ninja termite baiting system. Product Specifications: Non-toxic - harmless to humans and pets Utterly irresistible for termites Designed to ensure termites are drawn into the bait station before they get into your house Package Contents: Replacement cellulose attractant tablets for EnviroBug Termite Ninja termite baiting system (Pack of 3, 6, 9 or 12) 
Termite Ninja Refill Packs (4 pack) - Envirobug
Termite Ninja Refill Packs
from $69.00
Termite Ninja - Safe, Effective, Affordable Protection The Envirobug Termite Ninja Refill Packs are designed exclusively for those who have previously invested in the Termite Ninja system. These refill packs offer a seamless way to maintain your professional-grade termite prevention and treatment system, ensuring your home remains safeguarded without the need for costly exterminator services. Why Choose the Termite Ninja? Termite Ninja Refill pack is essential for effortless, chemical-free termite protection. They enable hassle-free inspections, versatile application, and precise termite termination, all without the need for professional assistance. Kit Contents & Features: Pack Size Pack Content Termite Ninja Refill Packs (4 pack) 4 x Wood Dowels 4 x Wooden Bait Blocks 6 x Cellulose Bait Pods Termite Ninja Refill Packs (12 pack) 12 x Wood Dowels 12 x Wooden Bait Blocks 12 x Cellulose Bait Pods   Choose the Termite Ninja Refill Packs to continue fortifying your home against termites, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

Have you ever been distracted from work by an annoying crunching sound? Does the sound come and go quite often? That’s termites.

A problem with termite infestations in Australia: risks for commercial properties

Termites are a common household problem in Australia. Termites can colonise almost every property, commercial spaces included. So if you’re thinking about shifting some of your beloved belongings and stashing them somewhere in your office warehouse to save them from termites in your home, you might need to think again.

Termites can gnaw on wood all day, every day, and we mean this literally. Termite colonies start growing in commercial spaces the same way they grow in homes. Your commercial space may have never been termite proofed, no one noticed the leaks in the plumbing and somehow, termite colonies from a nearby yard made their way to the building. Termites take their work chewing wood quite seriously. They will keep on gnawing and chewing 24x7 (yes, even on weekends), without you having the slightest hint for years. Commercial building termite management is also often ignored, and by the time you realise your commercial property has been infested by troublesome termites, you will already have incurred losses worth tens of thousands of dollars, possibly more. We don’t want to rub salt into the wound, but a word of caution, these costs will not be covered by insurance.

Your commercial space is “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” (or shall we say wood factory?) for termites. Add in the moisture from unknown leaks and you’re basically handing them the key to the factory. Cellulose and moisture are a termite’s best chances to survive and your commercial space has plenty of both.  Termites hate sunlight so in order to gain access to your property, they will come in through mud tubes. If you’re careful (and lucky), you might be able to spot these mud tubes during the early days of the infestation. If you’re not, you can very well bid farewell to your furniture as well as important documents as they will become termite food within weeks.

Commercial termite control products

Options for commercial termite treatment are many.  First up, are termiticides. Termiticides are chemicals in the form of foams, aerosols or liquid sprays for killing termites. Now, the worst part of these termiticides is not the mess and smell they leave, but the harmful effect on the environment, other insects and your pets. Chemical commercial termite killers, like those of insecticides need to be applied liberally and they can even spread, harm and kill other insects and small animals as collateral damage. Chemical termiticides can also destroy vegetation by contaminating the soil. Your second, and rather expensive choice might be calling termite exterminators.

The final word in Termite Treatment

Envirobug offers eco-friendly, DIY and affordable options for commercial termite control. You can set up the treatment systems at your pace, buy bait stations based on the size of your property and save yourself from the vicious cycle of termite inspections permanently. Who said you need expensive termite inspections when Envirobug has a cheaper solution to all your termite problems?

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