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Garden Sentinel - Motion-Activated Pest Repeller Sprinkler (Solar Powered) - Envirobug
Garden Sentinel - Motion... $169.00 $215.00
Repel pests silently around the clock! The Envirobug Garden Sentinel Motion-activated animal sprinkler uses an infrared sensor to detect the body heat of animals and birds. Once triggered, it deploys a startling burst of water combined with unexpected noise and motion creating a safe, highly effective deterrent against all kinds of pests. Solar-powered, with rechargeable batteries to ensure it's always ready to go - night or day. Product breakdown: The product is fully adjustable, with a range of options to suit your requirements: Adjust the height to work over obstacles, such as garden beds. Reduce the sensitivity to target only larger animals. Alter the range and distance to protect a more specific area. Change the operating mode to only work at a specified time of day.   Key Features of Water Sprinkler System Covers up to a huge 100m2 Solar-powered, with 4x rechargeable batteries included – set and forget Animals and birds quickly learn to keep away Powerful three-way repellent, uses water + noise + motion Minimal water usage – short bursts when movement detected Three operating modes: 24 hours, day only or night only Connect motion activated water sprinklers together to cover more area from one tap Super versatile, with an adjustable height up to 75cm. Uses for the Motion Activated Sprinkler Protect your property humanely 24/7 with best motion activated sprinkler with sensor. Keep unwanted animals out of your garden, house, pool or crops – the Sentinel is always poised to scare off those pesky possums, feral cats and other pests: Protect your house, plants and trees from possums. Keep ducks out of your pool. Protect your chickens from foxes. Keep wallabies and deer out of your garden. Protect your veggie bed from hungry pests. Control stray cats and dogs. Drive away annoying birds like bush turkeys or seagulls Scare pests harmlessly Works day and night Install in minutes Adjustable sensitivity Powerful range - up to 300° with a range of 10 metres.  12-month Product Warranty on Motion Activated Sprinkler System Our motion activated sprinkler system comes with a 12-month product warranty. If any issues occur within the warranty period, our team is here to help. We will replace any faulty components or the entire device if necessary. What's included in the box? 1 Garden Sentinel motion-activated pest repelling sprinkler 3 additional stem pieces to increase the height as required 4 x AAA lithium ion rechargeable batteries Technical specifications of Garden Sentinel Motion-Activated Sprinkler Powered by 4 x AAA Li-Ion rechargeable batteries (included) Extendable up to 75cm in height Infrared sensor Can connect multiple sprinklers in series (run several Garden Sentinels off one hose) Specific recommendations: To ensure all connections are watertight, apply plumbers' tape to the sprinkler connection threads and tighten firmly by hand. Adjust height of sprinkler to the type of pest you wish to repel (e.g. for smaller animals, it should be lower to the ground and the sensitivity turned up high).
Garden Guardian - Solar Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Repeller
Garden Guardian - Solar ... $79.00
Secure your garden and outdoor areas with the innovative EnviroBug Garden Guardian Solar Powered Ultrasonic Repeller. This environmentally friendly device uses solar power and lithium-ion batteries to keep unwelcome animals away from your property around the clock. It is a motion-activated device, using IR to detect the heat signatures of unwelcome animals and emitting high-frequency sounds, undetectable by humans, as well as a bright flashing light to safely and humanely deter them. Key Features: Powerful deterrent: Designed to scare unwanted animals around the clock. Solar-Powered Efficiency: Runs entirely on solar energy, with rechargeable battery backup (batteries included). Human and Pet Safe: Emits sounds at a frequency inaudible and harmless to humans, making it safe for use around the home. A wide range of uses: Protect your yard, swimming pool, chicken coops and garden beds from pest intrusion 24/7. Weather-Resistant Durability: Constructed from high-impact polyethylene with UV stabilisation and IPX4 Water Resistance, ensuring longevity and protection against various weather conditions. Easy to Install: Comes with all necessary components for quick setup, requiring no technical expertise. Product Specifications: Dimensions: Width: 14 cm, Depth: 8.9 cm, Height: 36.4 cm Material: High-impact Polyethylene (UV Stabilised) Power Source: 4 x 2/3AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (included) Effective Range: Up to 10 metres Frequency Range: 25-61 kHz Lifespan: Up to 480 hours of operation with fully charged batteries Installation: Includes repeller head, pole sections and ground stake. This EnviroBug Garden Guardian is perfect for those seeking a non-intrusive and eco-friendly method to manage wildlife interaction in their gardens and around their properties. It's a practical choice for Australian homes, designed to withstand the unique environmental conditions while providing effective animal repulsion.

Protect Your Home from Foxes with Envirobug Fox Deterrent

Foxes can be a significant nuisance within Australia. Introduced in the 1800s for hunting, they quickly spread throughout Australia and are now found in all states except Tasmania. With their spread, they’ve become a pest that can create unpleasantness.

They are known to mark their territorial areas with unpleasant scents and droppings, raid waste/compost bins, damage gardens by digging up plants/flower beds or lawns, and bury surplus foods in the garden.

Foxes can also spread diseases. Therefore, people must look for ways that can deter foxes from the home.

Dealing with Unwanted Fox Visitors

There are numerous ways that you can deal with unwanted fox visitors. One way is to reduce the reasons why the fox might want to visit your property. However, this is not often enough and instead, you might need to add other deterrents for your garden to keep foxes from entering your garden.

Envirobug Fox Deterrent

The Envirobug fox deterrent is one of the most effective means to keep foxes out of the garden. It works by having a solar-powered detection system that then activates a water deterrent, noise, and moves. This scares the fox, thinking that something dangerous is around and the fox will flee the area. Foxes are very clever and will then remember that these gardens should not be entered.

Key Features and Benefits of Fox Repellent Product

There are several key features and benefits of the fox repellent. This includes the following:

  • Solar powered, so the impact on the environment is smaller, with no carbon footprint.
  • Can be installed anywhere in the garden, protecting vegetable gardens, flower beds, and lawns.
  • Does not harm the fox, so does not break any local laws and will not cause a significant impact on the ecosystem.
  • Can be used in a series to protect a larger area of the garden and ensure that your whole garden is protected from the key benefits.

Types of Foxes Repellent

Different types of fox repellents are available for those who are looking to tackle the fox problem from different angles. Here are some of the available options.

Ultrasonic Fox Repellents

One option is to utilise an ultrasonic fox repellent. These are devices that release an ultrasonic sound that is detectable by foxes but not by humans and other animals. The fox finds this sound very unsettling and uncomfortable and therefore will try to leave the area quickly. It will note where these sounds can be heard and will avoid these areas, instead choosing to traverse paths without the sounds.

Natural Fox Repellents

Numerous natural fox repellents can be used to deter foxes from an area. Foxes do not like some scents, like garlic and chilli powder. Therefore, using these in combination can be a quick and easy way to deter foxes in your garden. However, these deterrents can wear off, need regular reapplication, and don’t work so well in wet weather.

Electronic Fox Deterrents

There are some electronic fox deterrents, such as the sentinel system or the ultrasonic fox repellent that can be solar-powered or battery-powered that allow you to set up areas of your garden that are protected from fox activity. Electronic fox deterrents utilise numerous different techniques from ultrasonic sound, water, movement, light, and noise to scare foxes from an area.

DIY Fox Repellent Solutions

You might also want to try some DIY fox-repellent solutions. However, these aren’t as effective as some of the available off-the-shelf options. Though they can be a good deterrent to use in association with some of the other options that we supply, adding another reason why foxes shouldn’t visit your garden.

How Envirobug Fox Repellents Works

There are numerous options for repelling foxes from your garden. Our ultrasonic technology has a great success rate that can deter foxes quickly, painlessly, and without harm to pets and families.

Explanation of Ultrasonic Technology

The ultrasonic device releases a continuous sound that is only audible to foxes. These sounds can be very disconcerting for the fox and they dislike it immensely, while not causing any harm to the animal. These sounds are not audible to pets or humans and so do not cause harm to you.

Effectiveness Against Foxes

These devices have been proven to be very effective against foxes because they cause them some discomfort, which they want to avoid. It can also confuse them, which will immediately go away once they move away from the effective area of the ultrasonic devices.

Installation and Usage

Installation and usage of the ultrasonic devices are relatively easy.

Easy Setup Instructions

The ultrasonic device is relatively easy and there are easy setup instructions included within the device. Following these instructions means that you can have the fox deterrent working within just a few minutes.

Tips for Optimal Performance

For optimal performance, you want to make sure that the device is located where the sound can reach the maximum amount of space. So there should be no obstacles blocking the sound.

Why Choose Envirobug for Fox Pest Control

Envirobug has 14 years of experience helping families keep pests out of their properties without having to harm the animals. And our commitment to safety is critical. All our products are safe for pets and children.

Benefits of Choosing Envirobug Fox Control Products

Envirobug is a family-run business with years of experience. We offer guarantees for the products and have products that are great for the environment and the natural balance of wildlife.

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