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Envirobug Powerful Battery Snake Repellers - Twin Pack (Pre-order - Dispatch 2nd week of Jan) - Envirobug
Envirobug Powerful Battery Snake...
from $98.00 $196.00
Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your family & pets from deadly snakes EnviroBug offers the strongest, most effective, most reliable battery-powered snake repellers you can buy to protect you from deadly Australian ground snakes. 8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people try to pick them up, scare them, corner them or accidentally step on them. Keeping snakes away is always the safest approach. Our weather resistant, tough, EnviroBug battery powered snake repellers are ideally suited to areas where sunlight is poor, protected zones are too shady or in and under buildings. 4 Alkaline D cell batteries provide continuous power to keep them operating 24/7 for an average of 6 to 8 months depending on the quality of the batteries used, before needing to replace the batteries. Combine battery repellers with solar powered EnviroBug repellers to ensure maximum protection from snakes in almost any outdoor environment. Product Features: The repellers feature a unique to the battery powered model, a sonic buzzer frequency and an offset motor that produces a strong physical vibration - double protection for your family! Variable vibration pattern ensures snakes maximum discomfort without any harm Up to a massive 40-metre diameter; the most powerful repeller available in Australia Vibrations alternate with buzzing sounds – allows additional protection in softer soils 6 to 8 months continuous operation on 1 set of 4 D-Cell batteries Anodised stem to prevent corrosive mineralisation from the soil 12-month warranty for your peace of mind Product Specifications: Batteries: 4 x D-Cell (not supplied) Mode of repulsion: Sonic buzzing and physical vibration Effective range: up to 40 metre diameter Material: Aluminium alloy and ABS Length: 44.5cm Width: 6.5cm x 6.5cm (head) You can watch our videos and installation instructions here. Package Contents: 2 x Envirobug Powerful Battery Snake Repellers   Why would you run the risk of confronting snakes in your yard? It's true, you do get what you pay for. EnviroBug variable frequency battery powered snake repellers are designed to our specifications. They help create a safe environment within their protection zone and are designed to greatly reduce the risk of confrontations with snakes, This helps to create safe areas for you, your family and your pets to enjoy. It's a high-quality product designed and manufactured to give reliable service and to last the distance and will still be operating long after poorer quality products have stopped working. Variable frequencies are crucially important in preventing snakes from acclimatising and ignoring the vibrations The repellers emit a variable frequency vibration that mimics heavy-footed animals, and snakes are deaf they rely on their acute sensitivity to identify and interpret these vibrations. If sensing these as a potential danger, they will abandon the protected area. The repellers also produce a sound to alert you that they are operating. Where sound muting is required, simply bury the snake repeller stems deeper in the ground. The EnviroBug Battery Powered Variable Frequency Snake repeller works where the solar repeller won't. Ideal in shaded areas, dirt floor sheds, animal pens, under buildings and more. They can be used in conjunction with solar snake repellers, deters snakes from claiming territory and making themselves at home at your place.  How many will I need? For perimeter defence placement, the recommended distance is 35 metres apart, however allowances need to be made where the area to be protected has soft ground, rocky, heavily wooded, large trees, concrete paths, and driveways etc. In these instances, it pays to keep them closer together as the vibrations may not travel as far.  There should be a line of sight between repellers preferably without obstructions between them and where there are obstructions as mentioned above, repellers should be placed either side.
Snake Repeller
Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake R...
from $98.00 $196.00
 Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your family & pets from deadly snakes EnviroBug offers you the strongest, most effective, reliable solar snake repellers available to protect you from deadly ground snakes. 8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people try to pick them up, scare them, corner them or accidentally step on them. Keeping snakes away is always the safest approach. The Envirobug vibrating motor repeller emits stronger variable vibrations frequencies, providing greater coverage and better protection. Consistent use deters snakes from establishing a territory on your property! Over the last decade, thousands of customers have installed our repellers and successfully kept ground snakes at bay. Product Features: Silent motor with stronger vibrations than ever before Variable vibration pattern ensures snakes maximum discomfort without any harm Massive 40 Meter diameter protection coverage – 80% more area than other repellers on the market Slanted weatherproof fade-resistant solar head targets the sun and prevents fogging Large capacity rechargeable battery (included) Holds charge up to 10 days in poor sunlight to keep you safer, longer Quiet operation with LED indicator light to tell you it’s working Anodised stem to prevent corrosive mineralisation from the soil 12-month warranty for your peace of mind  You can watch our videos and installation instructions here.  Product Specifications Voltage: 3.7V Amp Hours: 1500 Battery type: Rechargeable (solar) / replaceable Effective range: up to 40 metre diameter Material: Aluminium alloy and ABS Length: 43cm Width: 9.2cm x 12.4cm (head) Package Contents: 2 x Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers (batteries included)   What is the EnviroBug difference? EnviroBug solar snake repellers are built to be the highest-quality, most powerful snake repellers available. Built to endure tough Australian conditions, Envirobug solar snake repellers are effective up to a 40-metre diameter - meaning you need fewer, and they will keep snakes further away. ​ EnviroBug snake repellers have been especially developed over many years to be maximally effective against nasty Australian snakes. Most snake repellers on the market use cheap components, which make irritating noises and - worse - can be unreliable, exposing their users to injury or death. What makes EnviroBug repellers so effective is that they change their vibration patterns unpredictably - ensuring snakes never get comfortable. This differs from other repellers, which can enable snakes to learn to ignore them over a period of months. EnviroBug's repellers have been developed from the ground up to be effective at keeping snakes away, as well as to last in tough Australian conditions. This means we have paid special attention to every single detail - up to and including the solar panel. The EnviroBug solar snake repeller incorporates a unique slanted panel, which enhances both its efficiency and toughness. We don't just want to sell you our repellers; we really care that they keep working for a long time.
Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - for EnviroBug Solar Snake Repellers - Envirobug
Rechargeable Lithium Batteries -...
from $22.00 $44.00
Solar Snake Repeller 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion 1500 amp hour Replacement Batteries, to suit EnviroBug Silent Solar Snake repellers.  Product Specifications Voltage: 3.7V Amp Hours: 1500  To suit Envirobug Solar Snake Repeller 
Aussie Tough Leg Protecting Snake Gaiters (One Pair) - Envirobug
Aussie Tough Leg Protecting Snak...
$109.00 $145.99
Australia is home to 8 of the 10 deadliest snakes in the world. Whether you are a farmer, into bushwalking or camping, or just love the outdoors - in this country nasty snakes are never far away. Designed to offer you a high level of protection against snake bites, Envirobug Aussie Tough Snake Gaiters have been manufactured to perform and last in brutal Australian conditions. And best of all - they're super comfortable! 99% of snake attacks are to the feet, ankles and lower legs. For this reason, Envirobug Aussie Tough Snake Gaiters are worn around your lower leg from the knee to your ankle and across the top of your foot (the areas which are most susceptible to snake bites). Perfect to wear while: Hiking or walking Gardening Fencing Feeding animals Mowing or Slashing Envirobug Aussie Tough snake protection Leg Gaiters are manufactured using a combination of dense, durable 1000D fabric and flexible polypropylene inserts (12 per leg). Together, they are not only strong and rugged, but also weatherproof - offering protection from rocks, rain, snow and dirt - in addition to the venomous snakes in the world. Specifications Adjustable calf straps and buckles for easy fitting - expands up to 50cm circumference. Snakebite protection offered by 12 puncture-resistant, flexible, polypropylene boards in each gaiter. Waterproof and windproof, made with high quality 1000D Oxford nylon. Keeps out snow, mud, dirt, and other debris. Works with boots and shoes of all sizes. Breathable and ergonomic, allows free movement. These are built to last and can take a beating! Great for brush, rocks, and anything else you might encounter. Neutral khaki colour complements most outfits Package Contents One pair of snake gaiters Please note: Snake gaiters should be considered a last line of defense against venomous snakes. While they do provide significant resistance to bites, no snake gaiters should be considered “snake proof” and there is no guarantee that penetration could not occur in any circumstance. It is far better to not get too close to snakes in the first place!
LANOX Lanolin Lubricant | 300gm - Envirobug
LANOX Lanolin Lubricant | 300gm
LANOX Lanolin Lubricant, derived from high-grade oil and natural lanolin, stands as a superior, eco-friendly solution. LANOX offers outstanding protection against moisture and corrosion, crucial for snake repellers vulnerable to condensation and leaks in damp conditions. Applying LANOX spray annually safeguards internal components, effectively extending the lifespan of the repellers. Why Choose LANOX Lanolin Lubricant: Natural & Effective Protection: LANOX, with its lanolin-based formula, provides robust rust and corrosion protection, ensuring the longevity and functionality of snake repellers. Versatile Use: LANOX adapts to various operational demands, making it an ideal choice for snake repellers in any environment. Safety First: Free from harmful substances, LANOX ensures user safety and environmental friendliness, making it safe for use around homes and gardens. Superior Features: offers superior protection against moisture and corrosion, crucial for snake repellers which are water resistant, not water proof. Applying LANOX spray safeguards internal parts, extending the Snake repellers' lifespan. Specifications: Contents: Each container contains 300 grams of LANOX, providing ample lubrication and protection for multiple snake repellers. Base Ingredients: Comprising high-grade lubricating oil and lanolin, LANOX offers quality and effectiveness in repelling snakes while lubricating the repeller mechanisms. Safety Assurance: Harmless to most surfaces, LANOX won't damage snake repellers or surrounding areas. Performance Excellence: Non-sticky, non-conductive, and non-corrosive, LANOX ensures long-lasting protection for snake repellers even in harsh conditions. LANOX Lanolin Lubricant is a premium safeguard for your investments against harsh environmental elements. Its lanolin-based composition forms a durable shield, making it an indispensable asset for maintenance and preservation across diverse applications, including snake repellers.

The Snake Challenge in Australia - Snake Deterrents In Australia For Home And Gardens Envirobug.

There are 211 known species of snakes in Australia, 100 of which could kill you. The mention of snakes can chill our blood, and catching sight of one around the home is way too close for comfort.

Snake Behavior and Encounters

Snakes are quiet creatures and prefer to be left alone in their shady, cool and moist homes. Although snakes and humans have their distinct territories, sometimes we unwillingly cross paths. These encounters can lead to panic, fear, and in the worst case scenario, a snake may lash out and bite - risking the life of a person or a beloved pet.

The first defensive move made by snakes when they spot an intruder on 'their' territory is usually to slither away and hide. But they are wild, deadly, unpredictable creatures - and of course you can’t be taking chances, especially when there are snakes lurking around your home and property (and children and pets add an extra layer of risk). 

The Need for Snake Control

Of course, you don't want to host a venomous snake (or snakes!) on your property. But we don't want to harm them either - not only are they essential to our ecosystem, but in Australia it is criminal to kill a snake unless directly under threat (plus it's dangerous!). Your best option for snake pest control is to keep them away from your property entirely!

Snake control in Australia is not as straightforward as controlling other kinds of pests. It is illegal (and wrong) to kill or harm snakes and you cannot use chemical repellents or any other dangerous agents to keep snakes off your property and away from your home, pets and children. 

Two Approaches to Snake Management

As you can’t harm snakes, that leaves you with two real options

1. Calling for expert help (for example, a snake catcher), or 

2. Installing specially designed snake repellers to dislodge and deter. 

The Limitations of Expert Help

If you have a snake on your property that needs to be immediately dealt with, then a snake catcher will do fine. This option, though, is expensive, you need to find someone available - and quickly, and most importantly, you need to already have a snake threatening you. It is not a preventative measure.  When you know there’s a snake nearby, each second is precious. And moreover, what's to stop another snake from visiting you tomorrow?

Introducing EnviroBug Snake Repellers

For prevention, variable frequency vibrating snake repellers (solar or battery powered) are the ideal measure to protect your home, pets and children.  A snake repeller should be sustainable, economical, eco-friendly and user friendly - but most of all, it should be powerful. The EnviroBug Snake Repellers tick all of these boxes as many other unique features that make them Australia’s best snake repellers. 

The Science Behind Snake Repellers

EnviroBug devices come in two categories: battery and solar powered snake repellers. EnviroBug Snake Repellers ensure we protect our wildlife, while keeping everyone safe. EnviroBug Snake Repellers use vibrations to keep snakes away from your house and do not release any toxic chemicals or produce effects which may otherwise harm, damage or kill snakes (or humans or pets!) in any way. These silent snake repeller devices are weather resistant and durable which makes them perfect for outdoor environments. 

Benefits of EnviroBug Snake Repellers

The clever EnviroBug variable vibration motor technology takes full advantage of snakes’ sensory systems to deter them without harming them. Vibrations emitted by snake deterrents mimic the vibrations created by stomping of large animals. Ground dwelling snakes sense these vibrations through their nervous system (snakes don’t have ears!) as large heavy-footed animals. The vibrations scare snakes away from your home - and keeps them from coming back. This technology keeps both snakes and your family out of harm’s way: a win-win situation.

Environmental Responsibility

Snakes can get used to single frequency snake repellers and get comfortable. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, EnviroBug Snake Repellers emit vibrations in variable frequency. The change in vibration frequency:

  • Prevents ground snakes from acclimatising to the vibrations
  • Deters them from establishing a territory on your property
  • Saves you having to relocate the repellers every couple of months

Coverage and Cost-Efficiency

EnviroBug Snake Repellent devices offer a massive 80% more coverage area per repeller than others on the market. This ensures better protection and also means you save money as you can buy less!

Snakes and Ecosystem Balance

Snakes are ecologically important creatures as they keep the rodent population under control. However, snakes and humans are simply not accustomed to living side by side, which drives the necessity of snake control. Snake deterrent devices assist in keeping snakes away from human habitats by deploying less violent and cheaper strategies. Moreover, snake deterrents (and in particular, Envirobug Snake Repellers) are an effective preventive measure against any unpredictable incidents involving snakes.

Act Now to Protect Your Home

If your home is at risk of snakes, ask yourself: why would I wait another day to install a protective barrier? What level of risk am I willing to tolerate? For us, that's not a risk we want to face - as it isn't for the thousands of customers Australia-wide who are using our repellers to protect their homes.

A Non-Intrusive and Affordable Solution

After all, why risk the worst when you can prevent snake encounters in the first place with an affordable, non-intrusive and harmless technology?

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