Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit Attractant


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Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit Attractant


Secure Your Home with EnviroBug

  • Eco-Friendly & Effective: No poisons, toxins or nasties (ever).
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly setup for immediate use.

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Replacement cellulose attractant tablets for EnviroBug Termite Ninja termite baiting system.

Product Specifications:

  • Non-toxic - harmless to humans and pets
  • Utterly irresistible for termites
  • Designed to ensure termites are drawn into the bait station before they get into your house
Package Contents:
  • Replacement cellulose attractant tablets for EnviroBug Termite Ninja termite baiting system (Pack of 3, 6, 9 or 12) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Henry Le Gallienne
Cuts inspection costs

Termites had caused quite the damage inside my house. After paying for an inspection, and getting some fixes done (the bill was insane), a friend recommended this system for preventing further infestations. The killer baits needed to be set up in the termite ninja system, so I got around 4 stations for now, will share results soon.
Disclaimer: The set up itself deserves the 5 star, it was so easy to install!
Update: The system is working. These termites tried to reinfest the area, but were lured to the stations instead.

Brooke McMahon
Works on termites

Very specific to termites, ants and other insects do not accumulate. The station box is very durable. I'll buy extra celluloid tablets and killer bait powders to keep in stock once they run out. Also, don't worry about your pets or children since the killer baits are contained within the stations, they do not spread outside and cause unnecessary accidents.

Phoebe Trundle
Saves thousands of dollars

If you want to save money on costly termite inspections, get this product. Easy to handle, effective baiting and successful termite eradication - all-in-one. love it!

Archer Angelo
Full termite prevention

I am woodworker and I'm always in fear of my projects getting destroyed by termites. I noticed some termite activity near a cupboard I had inside my studio. Set up the baits with Envirobug's Termite Ninja Stations and placed it inside the cupboard. The termites were gone! The nest was inside the cupboard, so thank goodness they hadn't migrated to other parts in my studio. Good stuff

Zoe Ling
Protects against termites

I searched for an alternative after a bad experience with an inspection. Very happy with the ninja. Installed 40 stations around my home. Window sills, patio, garage, shed. Not taking any chances with termites.

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