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Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Mozzie Trap (Super Low Voltage) (Pre Order) - Envirobug
Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Mozz...
Envirobug's unique Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap has helped thousands of Australian families reclaim their outdoor spaces from the incessant irritation of mosquitos. Imagine being able to enjoy your enjoy backyard parties, barbecues and dinner parties without the hassle of swarms of blood-sucking mosquitos. It is possible with our weatherproof mosquito trap! Unlike other insect systems, which often use dangerous propane, horrible stenches or expensive refills, the Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap will effectively attract and trap mosquitos across your entire property – and do so without any zapping, poisons or sprays. But even better, it is incredibly economical – just 15 watts (with a 7w globe)- and can be plugged in anywhere you need to wipe out some nasties. This versatility extends inside your house, as well as outside. Our Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap not only takes out mosquitos – it also eliminates West Nile-carrying insects as well as biting flies, Asian beetles, and other flying pests. The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap uses a cutting-edge 7 watt UV fluorescent bulb that emits blue light at a precise frequency that mosquitos simply cannot resist. There is a Titanium Dioxide collar inside the device that, when exposed to the blue light, produces a small (and safe) amount of Carbon Dioxide. This imitates the CO2 released by the skin of mammals, attracting mosquitos into the trap even more powerfully than the light itself. Mosquitos are lured into the trap, where they find themselves sucked into the removable basket below by a powerful, but whisper quiet, vacuum fan. Mosquitos sucked by this vortex into the basket are unable to escape, and quickly dehydrate and die – never to bother you again. The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap will attract mosquitos within an area of up to 1000 square metres (larger than an average Australian housing block). The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap is the ideal way of controlling and reducing mosquito populations by luring and trapping breeding female mosquitoes and preventing the laying of multiple thousands of mosquito eggs. Even better – as most mosquito species are territorial and live in an area of around 100 metres of where they are born, you can gradually reduce their population around you, and avoid future swarms. Say goodbye to unhygienic devices that can never be properly cleaned! This state-of-the-art insect trap comprises a simple screw-off basket, which removes easily for regular cleansing and washing. Our trap does all the work for you- safely and without mess. Just plug it in and be mozzie FREE in no time! Why is this the best outdoor mosquito trap you can buy? Unique design produces an effect that is irresistible to mosquitos (even more attractive than you!) Completely weatherproof design Covers up to 1000 square metres Safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly and your pets. No radiation, no toxicity and no chemicals. Traps - Not zaps! Whisper quiet Dry trapping system No cleaning needed - simply twist off and tip out the dead mozzies every so often. Very cheap to run, with a super-low voltage lamp and powerful fan 12 month replacement warranty. Technical specifications: Material: ABS Color: Black Voltage: 110-256V Frequency rate: 50/60Hz Power: 15W Product size: 29cm x 29cm x 35cm Power cord length: 3 metres Product weight: 1.5kg
Mega Fly and Insect Trap - Commercial-Grade, DIY Super-Efficient - Envirobug
Mega Fly and Insect Trap - Comme...
Are you experiencing problems with flying insects in your home or commercial kitchen, cafe, restaurant, food prep area, indoor dining, canteen or lab? You need a fly trap that works. Complying with stringent Health & Safety Regulations and requirements can be a pain – and it can get expensive. Well – you’ve sure come to the right place. We've got the best low-cost DIY Fly & Insect Trap solution available. The powerful 24 blue LED light attractants, together with effective easy-to-change pheromone impregnated sticky glue boards set a new standard for controlling flying insects. The trap complies with health and safety standard requirements. No zaps No smell No noise No poisons No shattering insects No toxic poisons The EnviroBug indoor commercial trap will protect an area of up to 220sqm. We have many commercial drink breweries, fast-food outlets and bakeries installing these traps to reduce their flying insect problems and maintain an insect free environment. The clever, slim and visually subtle design allows the trap to be easily installed in eating areas in addition to the business end of food outlets. The sticky glue boards are discretely hidden out of sight of public view – unlike many commercial zappers, which can be especially unsightly. Avoid potential embarrassing customer experiences – or turning off your patrons with insect corpses on display! Installation is simple - do it yourself and save the extra expense of hiring a contractor. Easy-to-follow instructions - once you have attached the unit to a wall - plug it in and go! How It Works      Glue Boards Our sticky boards are made with an ultra-sticky non-toxic glue impregnated with a special (non-detectable by humans) pheromone attractant to attract flies. The boards can be easily replaced at the appropriate intervals (monthly on average, but depends on the season). Replacing the boards is as simple as removing the magnet-held front cover to replace the used boards. The glue boards are easy and quick to change and because no toxic chemicals are used, the spent boards can be thrown straight in the bin. LED Lights The blue LED lights attracts other flying insects. The 24 powerful lure Blue Spectrum LED lights operate off a 240-volt to 12-volt transformer, giving you very low power consumption without losing efficiency. The long-life blue spectrum LED lights to mean no tube replacements, safer to use and lower running costs. The LED UV Lights use minimal power and we recommend 24/7 use for maximum capture. Benefits: The EnviroBug Indoor Commercial LED Fly & Insect Trap provides you with an economical, DIY and easy solution for controlling flying insects in food preparation and serving areas that require strict hygiene to comply with State, Territory and Federal government food safety standards. low set up cost low-cost replacement boards easy-to-follow installation instructions straightforward operation odourless easy cleaning completely safe for cats & dogs For your extra peace of mind, you get our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 12-month warranty with your purchase. Features: Quiet Efficient NO zapping NO smells Low power consumption Attractive appearance Discreetly located sticky glue board, hidden from view Easy board change and maintenance Available spare boards and parts. Non-toxic replacement pheromone impregnated attractant glue boards 1m power cord Free Delivery 12-month warranty Product Specifications: Input Voltage (Adaptor): 115V-240V mains power Operating voltage: 12V DC Light Output: 1X6 watt UV LED stripe Average Life: approx. 50,000 hours Peak Wavelength: 390 nm Dimensions: 50 X 23 X 13cm Glueboard size: 47 X 17cm Wall Fixing Points: 30cm apart Material: ABS Weight: 720g Area Coverage: 220 square metres For indoor use Package Contents: 1 x Commercial Grade Flying Insect Trap 2 x Glue Boards
Termite Ninja - DIY Complete Eradication Kit - Envirobug
Termite Ninja - Ultimate DIY Ter...
from $297.00 $891.00
Termite Ninja - Safe, Effective, Affordable Protection. Designed to give you professional-grade termite prevention and treatment, Envirobug TermiteNinja bait traps can be installed by you in minutes – and will save you thousands of dollars in the process. Our customers love this product so much that we have never had a kit returned. Why TermiteNinja? Get professional grade protection – but save 80% to 90% vs. paying an exterminator (Save over $4,000 for a large house) Don’t get locked into an ‘inspection’ cost (save $900 every year!) – there is no cost to monitor for termites with our system Install yourself in minutes – no need to pay a professional No nasty chemicals – safe for you, safe for kids and pets - BUT JUST AS DEADLY TO TERMITES Simple to visually inspect (no touching) Don’t pay absurd markups for inferior/poisonous products It is the only system that allows you to directly install termite bait stations to monitor and treat termites anywhere – not just on the ground. Treat termites on walls Treat termites on the ground Treat termites in the ground Treat termites on stumps and patios They can even be painted to match your house! The termite bait is applied directly onto the spot where termites are active; no guessing, hoping or approximation Our system directly targets the queen (like a Ninja!) – her trusty soldiers carry the treatment back to the nest and once she dies, this will trigger a colony collapse. Why choose EnviroBug DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?   The flexibility of Termite Ninja Monitor & Bait Traps compared with other traps:        What you get with your EnviroBug DIY termite Ninja monitor and bait system: Everything you need to monitor, attract and kill. You get your selected number of termite Ninja multi-purpose bait traps combo complete with all the components ready to assemble and position ready to go to work. You also receive a full complement of termite attractants and termite killer baits. You can buy additional baits and Killer Bait Powder Treatments separately on our website as needed in the future. Immediately following purchase you will receive, by email, our step by step guide to help you identify the best places to install, and how to treat termites, as well as videos to ensure your system is set up quickly and easily. There are pack sizes to suit all of your needs.Our system allows you to carry out your own regular termite inspections looking for telltale signs of termite activity inside the bait stations. It is still advisable to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to identify damp spots, etc. where termites may be likely to target. Product Features: Multi-purpose termite control boxes for multiple uses. Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps will last you years and years. Generous supply of specially prepared termite timber bait. Clear indicator viewing window for ease of monitoring. Innovative box stacking system allows you to apply the killer bait without scaring termites out of an affected trap. Ant proof design prevents normal ants colonising the box. The killer bait uses the active ingredient IGR chemical chlorfluazuron at the rate of 1% per kg of pure cellulose - completely harmless to humans and animals. Package Contents:  Pack Size Pack Contents 4 Bait Station Kit 4 x Bait Station Boxes4 x Bait Station Lid Kits4 x Indicator Dowels4 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets4 x Wooden Termite Baits1 x Killer Bait Powder Treatment1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 12 Bait Station Kit 12 x Bait Station Boxes12 x Bait Station Lid Kits12 x Indicator Dowels12 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets12 x Wooden Termite Baits2 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 18 Bait Station Kit 18 x Bait Station Boxes18 x Bait Station Lid Kits18 x Indicator Dowels18 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets18 x Wooden Termite Baits3 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 24 Bait Station Kit 24 x Bait Station Boxes24 x Bait Station Lid Kits24 x Indicator Dowels24 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets24 x Wooden Termite Baits4 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email 36 Bait Station Kit 36 x Bait Station Boxes36 x Bait Station Lid Kits36 x Indicator Dowels36 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets36 x Wooden Termite Baits5 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments1 x User ManualProduct support by phone and email
Super Indoor Mosquito Killer Dry Trap - Envirobug
Super Indoor Mosquito Killer Dry...
Fed up With Annoying Mosquitoes Ruining Your Peace and Quiet This Summer, and Running The Risk of Mosquito Borne Diseases? You need a solution that doesn't involve using poisonous sprays - Zappers that fry and shatter mozzies & bugs - smelly fluid traps that need constant emptying & filling.   The good news is that you can control your mozzie problem successfully and not have to use any of the above! Our Super Indoor EnviroBug Mosquito Killer Traps work by attracting mozzies to the trap using a blue light, emitted at a wavelength that is irresistible to mosquitoes. This light attracts them to fly in through the top of the trap. There is a Titanium Dioxide collar inside the device that, when exposed to the blue light, produces a small (and safe) amount of Carbon Dioxide. This imitates the CO2 released by the skin of mammals, attracting mosquitos into the trap even more powerfully than the light itself. A strong internal fan sucks them down into the basket attached to the bottom of the trap where the constant flow of circulating air kills them by dehydration. NO Smells! - NO stinky fluids to deal with! Our indoor Mosquito Killer Trap helps you protect your family and get your indoor areas back! Unlike other similar products, you won’t have to worry about weird smells or noise, and your kids will have a much healthier environment. This amazing device is entirely safe for the whole family. It's the latest version of our indoor mosquito trap that has proven to be the most reliable successful mosquito fighting machine for more than 10 years and remains a proven performer. Still the most powerful, effective, safe, enviro-friendly and economical way to keep these biting insect pests under control. And it looks great! How do I use it? It really couldn’t be easier – just plug the trap in and let it run. As mosquitos tend to become active around dusk, and the machine is most attractive to mosquitos in low light, the inbuilt light sensor will turn the machine off during the day, and on once the light starts to die down. For best results, place in a corner (at a height of at least 50cm) and let the trap run before bed every night, to clear your room of nasty stingers. Of course, you can use the trap in any room. Features: Safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly and your pets. No radiation, no toxicity and no chemicals. Traps - Not zaps! No smelly Attractants! - No messy fluids! Whisper quiet. Dry trapping system No cleaning needed - simply twist off and tip out the dead mozzies every so often. Auto Sensor operation – turns on when mosquitos start becoming active. Very cheap to run. 12 month replacement warranty. The Super Indoor Mosquito Dry Killer Trap is the ideal way of controlling and reducing mosquito populations by luring and trapping breeding female mosquitoes and preventing the laying of multiple thousands of mosquito eggs.  Did you know that most mosquito species are territorial and live in an area of around 100 meters of where they are born? This fact means you can reduce their population around you, and avoid future swarms.The trap uses a clever automatic closing basket which stops the catch from escaping when the trap is turned off.  Say goodbye to unhygienic devices that can never be properly cleaned! This state-of-the-art insect trap comprises a simple screw-off, which removes easily for regular cleaning and washing.Our trap does all the work for you- safely and without mess.. Just flick the switch and be mozzie FREE in no time!  Don’t forget – this product is fully automatic; the electric mosquito killer has a sensor, so even if you forget to turn on/off the mosquito killer there is no need to worry, the bug killer will automatically turn on at night and automatically turn off during the day. Product specifications: Rated Power: 15W Input: 220-240V, 50/60Hz Material: ABS Light Wave Range: 360-400nm Coverage Area (indoor): up to 80-100 square metres Size: Height: 38.3cm, Width: 15cm, Depth, 15cm  Gross Weight: 1.5kg Package Contents: 1 x Indoor Mosquito Trap
Mozzie Stop: Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers (60 Pack) - Envirobug
Mozzie Stop: Natural Mosquito Re...
Mosquito Repellent Patches for Kids and Adults Discover Envirobug's Mozzie Stop Patches, a natural and simple solution for keeping mosquitoes at bay. These innovative stickers are infused with a blend of powerful repelling oils, including Citronella, drawing on traditional knowledge to camouflage the CO2 we emit and effectively deter mosquitoes. Envirobug Mozzie Stop stickers are designed to prevent mosquito bites when you're out and about. The Patches are easy to use and have a pleasant natural scent, making them popular with both parents and kids. Why Choose Mozzie Stop Stickers? Natural Ingredients: Made with citronella oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil, which are known for their mosquito repelling properties, offering a natural alternative to chemical repellents or offensive sprays. Styles for both Adults and Kids: Adult patches are adorned with a modern, understated design that will blend perfectly into your outfit. Kids' Patches feature fun and bright animal designs that children love, making protection against mosquitoes a fun experience. Safe for Everyone: Without DEET or other harsh chemicals, Envirobug Mozzie Stop patches are safe for both kids and adults. Eco-Friendly: Created with biodegradable materials and no toxic chemicals, these stickers are an environmentally responsible choice. Effective Protection: Each Patch provides up to 72 hours of protection, with the best results within the first 8 hours. Age Suitability: All ages. Recommend 1 patch for infants and small children (0-2), 2-4 patches for bigger kids and adults (place on clothes close to exposed areas like arms and legs). Specifications of Mosquito Repellent Stickers Pack Contents: Each pack contains 60 Mozzie Stop Patches. Material: Made from medical-grade non-woven fabric for comfort and safety. Powerful Repelling Oils: A mix of Citronella, lavender and peppermint oils for effective mosquito repellent. Duration: Most effective in the first 8 hours, but continues to work for up to 24-72 hours after application. Usage: Easy to apply, just peel and stick on clothing near exposed skin areas. Multiple patches (e.g. one on each limb) can be used for greater protection in very active mosquito zones. Envirobug Mozzie Stop Stickers offer a hassle-free, natural way to protect against mosquitoes, making them a great choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts. With their user-friendly design and natural effectiveness, these stickers are more than just a product; they're a convenient, chemical-free companion for outdoor activities.
Mozzie Stop: Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristbands (5 Pack) - Envirobug
Mozzie Stop: Natural Mosquito Re...
Anti Mozzie Wristband for Kids and Adults Discover Mozzie Stop Wristbands, the innovative wearable solution to keep mosquitoes at bay. Crafted from skin-friendly materials, these elastic bands are infused with a powerful blend of powerful natural oils, including citronella, offering a safe, non-spray defense against mosquito bites. Mozzie Stop bracelets are designed for outdoor adventures, from backyard BBQs to camping. The pleasant scent, understated design and convenience of wear make them a preferred choice for families. Why Mozzie Stop Wristbands Are the Best? All-Natural Protection: Harnessing the power of citronella, geranium and lavender oils to naturally deter mosquitoes for up to 5 days each. Comfortable and Stylish: Designed to be both functional and fashionable, suitable for all ages. Chemical-Free: Absolutely free from DEET and other harmful substances, ensuring safety for both children and adults. Durable Wear: Each band provides protection up to five days; perfect for extended outdoor activities. Waterproof: Protects you no matter the weather conditions and whatever you get up to - even swimming! Mozzie Wristbands Specifications Contents: Each pack contains 5 Mozzie Stop Wristbands (one size fits all). Material: Light, durable, flexible plastic designed for comfort and long wear. Active Ingredients: Citronella, geranium and lavender oils. Duration: Up to 5 days of continuous effective protection. Application: Simply remove from the pack and wear on your wrist, ankle or even on your hair for hassle-free use.   Choose Envirobug Mozzie Stop Wristbands for a seamless blend of protection, style, and natural ingredients, making it your go-to companion for every outdoor occasion.
Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller - Envirobug
Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repe...
The Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller is your go-to solution for creating a pest-free zone around you and your loved ones. With its compact size and lithium battery-powered convenience, this device offers personal protection whether you're lounging in your garden, taking a stroll with a pram, or enjoying a picnic. It uses the natural repellent qualities of citronella, known for keeping insects at bay, in a gentle scent that's pleasant for humans but hated by annoying and stinging pests. Each replaceable cartridge lasts between 3-7 days, depending on heaviness of use - so plug and play to your heart's content! Why Choose Envirobug's Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller? Natural and Safe: The Mozzie Mist is chemical-free and non-toxic, making it a safe choice for families, including babies and pets. Portable and Convenient: Its lightweight design means you can take it wherever you go, ensuring that your outdoor activities are uninterrupted by unwanted guests. Discreet and Decorative: With its elegant design, the Mozzie Mist adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor ensemble while serving its protective purpose. Effective Coverage: Enjoy your personal space without the worry of insect intruders; the Mozzie Mist covers you with a scent shield that mosquitoes find unappealing. Long-lasting: Each replacement cartridge is effective for between 3-7 days, keeping you safer, longer.  What's in the Box?: Envirobug Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller (USB rechargeable) 2 x Replacement Mozzie Mist Cartridges, providing up to 2 weeks of chemical-free protection USB charging cable Instruction Manual Specifications: Power Source: Lithium USB-rechargeable battery-operated for wireless use . Material: Constructed with a robust plastic casing that stands up to outdoor elements. Scent: A delicate blend of citronella and plant-based fragrances that's effective and enjoyable. Coverage Area: Ideal for personal spaces, ensuring complete coverage for your immediate area. Design: User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it suits any setting. Experience Outdoor Bliss with Confidence: The Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller invites you to indulge in the joys of the outdoors without the bother of biting insects. Its non-toxic, chemical-free composition is consciously chosen for your peace of mind, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Let the Mozzie Mist accompany your outdoor adventures, and relish in the serenity it brings to every moment.
Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller - Refills - Envirobug
Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repe...
from $6.50
Continue to enjoy the great outdoors without interruption from pesky insects with Mozzie Mist refill cartridges. Specifically designed for continuous use of the Mozzie Mist Personal Insect Repeller, these refills ensure a continuous shield against bugs, allowing you to relish outdoor activities without disturbance. Specifications: Continuous Protection: Each refill cartridge provides 3-7 days of uninterrupted protection, depending on usage intensity. Natural Defence: Infused with the power of citronella, these refills establish a natural barrier against bothersome insects. Safe and Family-friendly: Free from chemicals and non-toxic, these refills are safe for the entire family, including pets. Don't let bug worries disrupt your adventures—stay protected with Mozzie Mist refill cartridges.

Envirobug is at the forefront of pest control. Over the past 14 years, we’ve developed and offered the best environmentally friendly products to help keep pests away from your home. We prefer to keep pests away instead of harming them, as prevention is always better than cure.

Therefore, our products will not damage our fragile natural ecosystems but at the same time keep you safe by preventing infestations or eliminating them when necessary.

By providing these products, we’ve become the best eco-friendly pest solution in Australia. The products have been tested to the harshest Australian conditions. The tests ensure that all our products work exactly how they should do, without hurting the environment but also that they last.

Envirobug Insects Repellents Product Range

Envirobug has a range of excellent insect-repellent products. Our products are easy to use, survive in the harsh Australian weather, and have been designed to not harm the environment.

Insect Protection for Homes

Our Envirobug insect control products are designed to protect the home from numerous insects, including flies, termites, mosquitoes, and more. Everything from traps to catch flies or eliminate termite nests. Some products are available to remove or prevent pests from your home that will not cause harm to the environment or those living inside.

Safe Indoor Insect Control

When you need to treat a pest infestation, you want to make sure that anything you’re using is going to be safe for the house and those on the property. Our products are designed to offer the best protection and cure while protecting those in the home from harm.

Therefore, you can be sure that your family will not get ill or damage the home by using any of the products we offer.

Pet-Friendly Solutions

At the same time, you want to make sure that your furry friends are not harmed by the Envirobug’s insect repellents. That is why we carefully design our products to ensure that cats and dogs aren’t affected by our indoor insect control.

Our products don’t use poisons or any nasty chemicals and are harder for curious furry friends to get access to. Therefore, four-legged members of your family are protected from potential harm.

Garden Insect Control

You shouldn’t just be looking to protect the interior of your home, your outdoor spaces are key to happiness. And you don’t want BBQs, time by the pool, or a picnic to be ruined by some of the nasty insect pests that can spoil the mood of these events. That is why we offer a range of highly effective pest control treatments for the garden.

Protecting Your Plants Naturally

Plants add a touch of colour and class to any garden, but so many of them are targets for numerous pests that plague outdoor spaces. And some treatments can be harsh on our favourite flowers and other plants. That is why we’ve developed repellents that are hated by bugs but safe for plants.

Effective Pest Management for Gardens

All products for the outside need to be effective. Our products have been proven to drastically reduce and eliminate pests from your outdoor spaces. At the same time, our products are good at keeping your gardens safe with no poisons or chemicals used.

Pet-Safe Insect Control

We all love our four-legged furry friends. And part of protecting them can be to keep insect pests away from them. That is why we’ve developed a range of great products to help you keep insects under control.

Insect Repellents Suitable for Pets

All insect repellents that are provided by Envirobug are suitable for use around your pets. Giving you peace of mind that any use will not harm them.

Ensuring Your Pet's Safety

Ensuring your pet's safety is one of our priorities. That is why all our products have been tested to ensure that they are safe for cats, dogs, and other pets you might have in your home.

Benefits of Envirobug Insect Control Products

There are numerous benefits of using Envirobug insect control products in your home including:

  • Cost-effective methods to help you control insects in the home.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Environmentally friendly, allowing for safe use indoors and outside.

How to Choose the Right Insect Repellent

When it comes to choosing the right insect repellent for your home, you need to carefully consider the insect you’re attempting to repel. We offer products that have been specifically designed for flies, termites, mosquitoes, spiders, and cockroaches.

Knowing which product is best for your scenario is as simple as choosing the insect that you want to repel and then choosing the product from our list.

Why Choose Envirobug Insect Protection

Envirobug insect protection products have been designed and tested. With more than 14 years in the industry, we can provide you with the best care while protecting the wider environment. 

Our goal is not to kill the pests, as they all have a place in our ecosystem. Instead, we just want them to go to a place that is more suitable for them and us.

The Effectiveness, Safety, and Quality of Envirobug Insects Repellents

Envirobug safety insect repellents are a simple choice when it comes to protecting your home and garden from unwanted insect pests. With quality control and a desire to protect the environment, our products are safe for use around children and pets while keeping your home protected.

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