Termite Ninja - Ultimate DIY Termite Eradication System



4 Stations 12 Stations 18 Stations 24 Stations 36 Stations

Termite Ninja - Ultimate DIY Termite Eradication System



4 Stations 12 Stations 18 Stations 24 Stations 36 Stations

Why use Envirobug?

Getting professionals to protect or treat your home can leave you with a huge hole in your pocket. Why pay them THOUSANDS of $$$ to install a termite monitor & baiting system that you can easily do it yourself?

There now is a safe, easy, economical DIY solution to protect your home and property from termites for a fraction of the cost pesties charge!

Exclusive to EnviroBug, the only multi-purpose monitor & bait system on the market that you can easily install - monitor and kill termite nests including the queen anywhere on your property without risk to you or your family's health.

It's as easy as...

Install in minutes

On or in the ground, exterior/interior walls, on stumps, fence posts, in sheds


Monitor through viewing window. Once mud has formed set the bait.


Place bait it in unit. Check to ensure bait is being used and refill.


Termite Ninja - Safe, Effective, Affordable Protection.

Designed to give you professional-grade termite prevention and treatment, Envirobug TermiteNinja bait traps can be installed by you in minutes – and will save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Our customers love this product so much that we have never had a kit returned.

Why TermiteNinja?

Get professional grade protection – but save 80% to 90% vs. paying an exterminator (Save over $4,000 for a large house)

  • Don’t get locked into an ‘inspection’ cost (save $900 every year!) – there is no cost to monitor for termites with our system
  • Install yourself in minutes – no need to pay a professional
  • No nasty chemicals – safe for you, safe for kids and pets - BUT JUST AS DEADLY TO TERMITES
  • Simple to visually inspect (no touching)
  • Don’t pay absurd markups for inferior/poisonous products
  • It is the only system that allows you to directly install termite bait stations to monitor and treat termites anywhere – not just on the ground.
    • Treat termites on walls
    • Treat termites on the ground
    • Treat termites in the ground
    • Treat termites on stumps and patios
    • They can even be painted to match your house!
  • The termite bait is applied directly onto the spot where termites are active; no guessing, hoping or approximation

Our system directly targets the queen (like a Ninja!) – her trusty soldiers carry the treatment back to the nest and once she dies, this will trigger a colony collapse.

Why choose EnviroBug DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?


The flexibility of Termite Ninja Monitor & Bait Traps compared with other traps:



What you get with your EnviroBug DIY termite Ninja monitor and bait system:

Everything you need to monitor, attract and kill.

You get your selected number of termite Ninja multi-purpose bait traps combo complete with all the components ready to assemble and position ready to go to work. You also receive a full complement of termite attractants and termite killer baits. You can buy additional baits and Killer Bait Powder Treatments separately on our website as needed in the future.

Immediately following purchase you will receive, by email, our step by step guide to help you identify the best places to install, and how to treat termites, as well as videos to ensure your system is set up quickly and easily. 

There are pack sizes to suit all of your needs.

Our system allows you to carry out your own regular termite inspections looking for telltale signs of termite activity inside the bait stations. It is still advisable to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to identify damp spots, etc. where termites may be likely to target. 

Product Features:

  • Multi-purpose termite control boxes for multiple uses.
  • Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps will last you years and years.
  • Generous supply of specially prepared termite timber bait.
  • Clear indicator viewing window for ease of monitoring.
  • Innovative box stacking system allows you to apply the killer bait without scaring termites out of an affected trap.
  • Ant proof design prevents normal ants colonising the box.
  • The killer bait uses the active ingredient IGR chemical chlorfluazuron at the rate of 1% per kg of pure cellulose - completely harmless to humans and animals.

Package Contents:

 Pack Size
Pack Contents
4 Bait Station Kit

4 x Bait Station Boxes
4 x Bait Station Lid Kits
4 x Indicator Dowels
4 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets
4 x Wooden Termite Baits
1 x Killer Bait Powder Treatment
1 x User Manual
Product support by phone and email

12 Bait Station Kit

12 x Bait Station Boxes
12 x Bait Station Lid Kits
12 x Indicator Dowels
12 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets
12 x Wooden Termite Baits
2 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments
1 x User Manual
Product support by phone and email

18 Bait Station Kit

18 x Bait Station Boxes
18 x Bait Station Lid Kits
18 x Indicator Dowels
18 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets
18 x Wooden Termite Baits
3 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments
1 x User Manual
Product support by phone and email

24 Bait Station Kit

24 x Bait Station Boxes
24 x Bait Station Lid Kits
24 x Indicator Dowels
24 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets
24 x Wooden Termite Baits
4 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments
1 x User Manual
Product support by phone and email

36 Bait Station Kit

36 x Bait Station Boxes
36 x Bait Station Lid Kits
36 x Indicator Dowels
36 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets
36 x Wooden Termite Baits
5 x Killer Bait Powder Treatments
1 x User Manual
Product support by phone and email


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lori Lebow
So far so good

I elected to use Envirobug because it was so much more cost effective than the commercial termite company. I was unsure if I could install the bait stations but found it easy. I am still waiting for results, but it seems that there are no termites evident. Service and customer support was very good.

Martin Bastick

My only feedback is that I could not see a video on how to assemble the units.

Bev S
No further attacks

I installed the termite baiting system when we noticed termite activity near the house. Soon after installing we had an active station and proceeded to bait the termites as instructed. Paul was very helpful and I spoke with him many times on the phone as the treatment continued. The nest must have been exceedingly large as I kept feeding the termites for many weeks, and was not sure it was working, but finally the signs I was looking for appeared and then there was no more activity at all. The nest was destroyed and we have not as yet had any further attacks. I am very happy to know I have the system in place.

Termite protection

Your site and products saved me thousands and was simplicity to install my self. Termites gone! Post was really quick too and well packed. I would recommend you to anyone.

Tristan Wakefield

"Good buying experience, feally quick delivery for my neck of the woods\ud83d\udc4d"

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