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We are Australia's Leading Eco-Safe Pest Solution Provider

Envirobug Australia is a family run Australian business, founded all the way back in 2008, to provide effective solutions to tough Australian pests that don’t hurt our fragile environment. Based in Victoria, we supply our industry-leading – and highly cost-effective – products to customers all over Australia (and sometimes overseas).

Our products are absolutely safe – to humans and to pets. We guarantee that none of our products will harm you, your family or your pets!

Two things set us apart from other companies – our tireless commitment to making only the very best, most effective products, and our mission to make the world better.

Our Mission

You found us because you want to keep annoying pests away, and because you care – about your family, yes, but also about our fragile natural ecosystems. After all, there’s a place for everything in this world – including pests (even dangerous ones!).

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to protect you from the creatures that bug you, while being as gentle on the environment as possible. And yes, that includes being kind to pests as well (where we can). After all, prevention is far better than cure; so why would we prefer to kill a pest, rather than simply convince it stay away?

We’ve spent the last 14 years tirelessly developing Australia’s best eco-friendly pest solutions. Our range of products is specially designed and extensively tested in harsh Australian conditions, to ensure that not only do they work – but they will last.

Our Customer Focus

We are an online company, which allows us to keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you. But that doesn’t mean we skimp on service! We are laser-focused on making sure our customers (you) have an amazing experience with us – before, during and after purchase.

From our spectacular phone support team, to our amazing post-purchase care, we are here to make sure you get the absolute most out of your purchase.

All our goods are specially designed to be user-friendly, and do an excellent job. They are ideal for the average person to use, no rocket science involved! You will receive full instructions to help you get the best out of your purchase, and our team are always happy to provide any extra support you need.

Who we are and what we all do

The EnviroBug Team


Mel is an ethical business veteran, having started and operated a number of positive-impact businesses over the last 15 years including in the fashion, wedding and services industries.

Mel is laser-focused on ensuring that EnviroBug produces and stocks only the very best quality, most effective pest solutions, without ever compromising on the famous EnviroBug commitment not to use toxins, poisons or any environmentally damaging products.

mel - Owner, Chief EnviroBug

Ross has a long background in both business and advocacy, including human rights and ethical, socially responsible operations. As a co-founder of the Fair Marketeers blog and Ethical Business Podcast, Ross brings specific expertise in manufacturing, supply-chain management and environmental compliance.

Ross - Customer Success Manager

Kenny is our tech guru, who daily achieves technical feats beyond our comprehension. But despite our lack of understanding of how he achieves what he achieves, Kenny is loyal to Envirobug as he’s a strong believer in our mission to make the world a better place – and to support our customers, who believe in what we’re doing. Also, he hates mice and rats, so the idea of keeping them outside makes him very happy indeed.

Kenny - webmaster

Shagufta is a true wizard with words, and she is in charge of how we connect with our customers. We know our products are awesome, and Shagufta is the one who makes sure that you know, as well, with her engaging and beautiful web prose!

Shagufta - Content Lead

If you like the look and feel of our website, and the beautiful pictures, Billie is who we have to thank. Her eye for design is second-to-none, and she manages to make our products (which some would say are not exactly ‘sexy’…) pop! (and Billie would like us to add that if you don’t like anything about our website, to please let us know :P)

Billie - Marketing Manager

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