Termite Ninja Refill Packs



Pack of 4 Pack of 12

Termite Ninja Refill Packs



Pack of 4 Pack of 12
Product description

Termite Ninja - Safe, Effective, Affordable Protection

The Envirobug Termite Ninja Refill Packs are designed exclusively for those who have previously invested in the Termite Ninja system. These refill packs offer a seamless way to maintain your professional-grade termite prevention and treatment system, ensuring your home remains safeguarded without the need for costly exterminator services.

Why Choose the Termite Ninja?

Termite Ninja Refill pack is essential for effortless, chemical-free termite protection. They enable hassle-free inspections, versatile application, and precise termite termination, all without the need for professional assistance.

Kit Contents & Features:

Pack Size

Pack Content

Termite Ninja Refill Packs (4 pack)

4 x Wood Dowels

4 x Wooden Bait Blocks

6 x Cellulose Bait Pods

Termite Ninja Refill Packs (12 pack)

12 x Wood Dowels

12 x Wooden Bait Blocks

12 x Cellulose Bait Pods


Choose the Termite Ninja Refill Packs to continue fortifying your home against termites, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

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