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Super Sticky Gnat & Aphid Traps for Potted Plants - Black (12 Pack) - Envirobug
Super Sticky Gnat & Aphid Traps ...
It's a pain to have gnats, aphids and other tiny critters flying around your home. They are annoying for you and harmful for your plants - if left untreated, they can make plants sick and even cause them to die. Envirobug sticky gnat and aphid traps are an effective way to get rid of your plant pests once and for all without having to unleash a can of highly toxic, harmful bug spray. Simply insert one of our sticky traps into the base of your plant pot and watch those little buggers pile up. These sticky traps come in an attractive black colour, so will blend into the background and complement any decor choice! Specifications Specially designed to attract and trap plant pests, keeping your plants safe and healthy. Double-sided for maximum effectiveness. Unique black colour provides a sleek, modern look. Great for outdoor or indoor plants, especially potted plants. Pointy base can be inserted directly into the soil, avoiding the trouble of tying ropes or hooks. Safe and non-toxic: plant gnat traps use glue to catch pests; no odours or harmful chemicals, completely safe for people, plants and pets. Long lasting: can be stored for up to 3 years. UV resistant and waterproof. No need to replace until fully covered with bugs. At Envirobug, we don't do toxic chemicals or sprays - we only provide eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions to your pest problems. Envirobug’s sticky traps for gnats takes care of gnat management for you in the most hassle free way possible. Our sticky gnat traps lure the gnats using smells that redirect them from your houseplants to the traps. The gnats get stuck on the sticky gnat traps, become immobilised and rapidly dehydrate without the need for any toxins. Package Contents 12 Envirobug Super Sticky Gnat and Aphid Traps. -- Have you ever noticed clouds of small, flying insects flying in a frenzy around your precious houseplants? Or may be buzzing around near the plants in the backyard?  These are probably gnats. Gnats can be a nuisance. These small insects often invade homes in masses and some pesky ones may even bite humans. Gnats lay eggs in moist soil, which is plentiful in planters! Gnats are renowned plant pests too, and can stunt plant growth and damage its roots.  Female gnats can lay as many as 300 eggs during their lifecycle… Gnats are drawn by moisture, and smell. Moisture in planters collects due to overwatering plants, food spillage and open rubbish bins can also be major attractants for gnats.
Copper Slug and Snail Tape - *Huge 25 Metre Roll* - Envirobug
Copper Slug and Snail Tape - *Hu...
$32.00 $55.00
The Ultimate Garden Protector. The EnviroBug Copper Slug and Snail Tape is your garden's defense against slimy invaders that threaten your plants. This innovative barrier is crafted from high-grade copper, renowned for its conductivity and deterrent effect on slugs and snails. The secret lies in the chemical reaction between the copper and the slime produced by these pests, which creates a mild electric shock, discouraging them from crossing the barrier. Experience its remarkable effectiveness in safeguarding your cherished plants. Why Choose EnviroBug Copper Slug and Snail Tape? Eco-Friendly: A safe, chemical-free solution that protects your garden without harming the environment or the creatures. Mega value 25-metre roll: The 4-metre rolls our competitors sell won't get you very far - sort out your whole veggie garden with a single roll of EnviroBug tape and get much better value! Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications beyond the garden, including EMI shielding and crafts. Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a touch of elegance to your garden with its shiny copper finish. Durability: Made from pure, high-grade copper - ensuring longevity and resistance to oxidation and discoloration. Specifications: Material: High-quality copper (50 microns thickness), with conductive glue. Size: 20mm width x 25m length, offering ample coverage for garden beds, pots, and more. Adhesive: Strong, weather-resistant adhesive backing for secure application in any condition. Usage: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, versatile for gardens, electronics, crafts, and more.

Envirobug's Solutions for Cat Repellent and Cat Protection

Cats may be some people’s best friends but that doesn’t mean that everyone loves cats. And you might be someone who doesn’t appreciate cats wandering your garden and leaving mess behind. Therefore, you need to use Envirobug’s environmentally friendly cat repellent.

The Problem: Dealing with Unwanted Cat Visitors

Cats can be a pain if they’re not wanted in your garden. For instance, they can leave poop in the garden, which is not only unpleasant but can be a health concern, especially for children playing in the garden. They can also be destructive, scratching trees and other garden furniture and being a nuisance in the garden.

The Solution: Envirobug Cat Deterrent

To protect gardens from cats accessing your garden, you can use the Envirobug cat deterrent. This device uses a mixture of tactics to scare cats away from a garden by using noise, movement, and even a sudden burst of water to scare the cats from an area as soon as movement is detected within the area.

Our Cat Deterrent Product Range

Our cat deterrent product range has numerous advantages compared to other options available on the market. For one, we offer a product range that is completely natural, safe for other pets, and people, and also safe for the environment.

Electronic Cat Repellent Devices

Our electronic cat-repellent devices work in numerous settings in Australia. You can use them to protect your vegetable gardens, flower beds, and other areas of the property. You can use one to defend a smaller area or you can use multiple devices to protect a wider area.

Natural Cat Repellents

Natural cat repellents are there to protect your property from cats gaining access without causing damage to your garden or the environment. Therefore, other animals that might visit your garden or even your own four-legged pet, such as a dog, aren’t impacted by the use of the natural cat repellent in your garden.

Cat-Proof Fencing

One way to keep cats out of the garden is to prevent them from accessing the home in the first place. Therefore, one option to stop cats from accessing is to use cat-proof fencing around your property. These can stop cats by making it hard for them to climb and get over the top of the fence. They also prevent cats from getting through the fence.

Benefits of Using Envirobug Cat Deterrent

There are numerous benefits of using the Envirobug cat deterrent. Our deterrent is one that you can trust around your garden to protect your pets, children, and wildlife that might be visiting your garden regularly. Our 14 years of experience developing the very best repellents and deterrents also mean we’ve developed products that are going to be effective on the property.

Protect Your Plants and Property

Cats can cause significant damage to plants and property, which is why keeping unwanted feline visitors to your property is essential. Our natural cat deterrents are designed to offer the best protection at a cost that is far more cost-effective than alternatives on the market. Then you can enjoy your garden knowing that cats have not accessed your garden and left undesired poops or other mess in your garden.

Safe for Pets and Wildlife

You might not want to have cats in the garden, you certainly don’t want to harm them or any other wildlife. That is why Envirobug’s cat deterrent devices are perfect. The devices are designed to ward off other wildlife, while not harming them in the slightest.

Hassle-free Installation

The electronic cat deterrent is easy to install. It takes only a short period to install and can be done all by yourself. No need to hire an expensive pest controller. There are instructions included with the product that are simple.

How Envirobug Cat Deterrent Products Work

Envirobug has had 14 years of experience helping people keep their homes safe from pests. And our products work safely in your home.

Technology Behind Our Products

Our technology utilises the latest motion detection systems to properly identify when an intruder has accessed an area that you don’t want them to access. As something is detected, the device will shoot out a spray of water, make a noise, and move that will scare the cat away.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Pets

Unlike some of the other cat deterrents that are around, the device is perfect for keeping other pets safe. There are no chemicals used within the device. And the device is solar-powered, therefore there are no electrical lines or batteries that other animals might bite into.

Why Choose Envirobug for Cat Control

Envirobug is a leading pest deterrent supplier in Australia. Our family-run business has 14 years of experience helping homeowners cost-effectively and ecologically remove pests from their homes. We offer products that will deter, rather than kill, many pests from the home.

Effective Strategies for Cat Control

There are numerous strategies for cat control in your area. Such as:

  • Installing an Envirobug cat deterrent device.
  • Ensuring your dog or family is constantly using the garden.
  • Add cat-proof fencing to your property.
  • Keep your garden in good order.

Benefits of Choosing Envirobug Cat Control Products

There are numerous reasons why Envirobug can be a great option for your cat control products. For one, we offer environmentally friendly products that are simple to install and use. In addition, we offer cost-effective solutions that can be installed by anyone. Finally, we don’t want to harm any animals, we just want to deter them.

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