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Garden Sentinel - Motion-Activated Pest Repeller Sprinkler (Solar Powered) - Envirobug
Garden Sentinel - Motion-Activat...
Repel pests silently around the clock! The Envirobug Garden Sentinel Motion-activated animal sprinkler uses an infrared sensor to detect the body heat of animals and birds. Once triggered, it deploys a startling burst of water combined with unexpected noise and motion creating a safe, highly effective deterrent against all kinds of pests. Solar-powered, with rechargeable batteries to ensure it's always ready to go - night or day. Product breakdown: The product is fully adjustable, with a range of options to suit your requirements: Adjust the height to work over obstacles, such as garden beds. Reduce the sensitivity to target only larger animals. Alter the range and distance to protect a more specific area. Change the operating mode to only work at a specified time of day.   Key Features of Water Sprinkler System Covers up to a huge 100m2 Solar-powered, with 4x rechargeable batteries included – set and forget Animals and birds quickly learn to keep away Powerful three-way repellent, uses water + noise + motion Minimal water usage – short bursts when movement detected Three operating modes: 24 hours, day only or night only Connect motion activated water sprinklers together to cover more area from one tap Super versatile, with an adjustable height up to 75cm. Uses for the Motion Activated Sprinkler Protect your property humanely 24/7 with best motion activated sprinkler with sensor. Keep unwanted animals out of your garden, house, pool or crops – the Sentinel is always poised to scare off those pesky possums, feral cats and other pests: Protect your house, plants and trees from possums. Keep ducks out of your pool. Protect your chickens from foxes. Keep wallabies and deer out of your garden. Protect your veggie bed from hungry pests. Control stray cats and dogs. Drive away annoying birds like bush turkeys or seagulls Scare pests harmlessly Works day and night Install in minutes Adjustable sensitivity Powerful range - up to 300° with a range of 10 metres.  12-month Product Warranty on Motion Activated Sprinkler System Our motion activated sprinkler system comes with a 12-month product warranty. If any issues occur within the warranty period, our team is here to help. We will replace any faulty components or the entire device if necessary. What's included in the box? 1 Garden Sentinel motion-activated pest repelling sprinkler 3 additional stem pieces to increase the height as required 4 x AAA lithium ion rechargeable batteries Technical specifications of Garden Sentinel Motion-Activated Sprinkler Powered by 4 x AAA Li-Ion rechargeable batteries (included) Extendable up to 75cm in height Infrared sensor Can connect multiple sprinklers in series (run several Garden Sentinels off one hose)

Envirobug Rabbit Repellent, Australia

There are numerous rabbit deterrent options available in Australia. Some common ones used include poisoning of the rabbit. However, research has found this is only effective during non-breeding seasons and can affect non-target species. In addition, culling rabbits can harm the environment should management not be implemented against predators like red foxes.

Envirobug’s Commitment to Effective and Natural Solutions

Instead of culling rabbits, Envirobug has committed to effective but natural solutions. These have the benefit of not killing the rabbits, but humanely deterring them from an area, and allowing them to live their life, but away from areas where they might cause harm.

We believe that while you don’t want to have pests in your garden, that doesn’t mean that they are harmed. We understand and therefore deliver solutions to achieve this.

Overview of Envirobug Rabbit Repellent Products

Rabbits, like many small prey animals, live in fear. Rabbits suffer from such high levels of stress and anxiety in their lives that they are prone to heart attacks, it is one of the biggest killers of rabbits.

Using this, the Envirobug sentinel device is designed to create an environment that rabbits will avoid. Using a motion detector, the rabbit will be scared when the ultrasonic noise sounds. The rabbit can also be scared by the device as it moves and sprays the area with water.

Envirobug's Rabbit Repellent Range

A rabbit repellent for gardens large and small can help protect these areas of tranquillity. And with numerous deterrents on them, homeowners can be sure their gardens can be rabbit-free.

Features and Benefits of Natural and Organic Repellents

Natural and organic rabbit repellents are the best choice because they reduce the mess left behind. Poison or traps require someone to remove the dead or trapped rabbit. With natural and organic repellent, the rabbit simply leaves the area.

At the same time, these repellents can be used to deter numerous other species, such as foxes, birds, and other species. In contrast, many non-organic and natural repellents target only one species and therefore you need to spend more money to cover lots of potential pests.

These devices are also simple to install, being able to be installed by anyone, even those without experience.

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellents

Ultrasonic rabbit repellents have one of the most effective rates of any device. Their success rests on the noise they make. They’re in a range that a human can’t hear but are annoying enough that rabbits and other garden pests can constantly hear them.

The noise is an irritant that confuses the rabbit. Many animals will leave an area because the noise can interfere with their ability to spot predators.Why Choose Envirobug for Rabbit Pest Control?

There are numerous reasons why you will want to choose Envirobug for rabbit pest control.

Eco-friendly Formulas Safe for Gardens

We have developed lots of eco-friendly solutions for keeping rabbits away from the garden. These solutions are safe for children and family pets. So you don’t have to worry about their safety.

Warranty Coverage for Envirobug Rabbit Repellents

All rabbit repellents and other repellents include warranties that protect consumers from any non-fault breaks.

Details of Warranty Coverage

You can find details of our warranty coverage here.

How to Use Envirobug Rabbit Repellents

The Envirobug rabbit repellents are relatively easy to use. They’re solar-powered, so you don’t need to connect them to the mains, just locate them in the right place in the garden and then connect them to a water supply (for the spray function).

Once activated, they can cover a wide area.

Application Techniques for Maximum Effectiveness

To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is important to locate the Envirobug sentinel device in the correct location. Keeping them close to areas where you want to protect and where there are few obstructions is key.

Benefits of Choosing Envirobug Rabbit Repellents

There are numerous benefits of choosing the Envirobug rabbit repellent products. For one, we offer a humane, non-lethal option for controlling rabbits in your area. And the ease of installation makes it perfect for those with limited technical knowledge.

Finally, our repellents don’t just rely on one deterrent, they combine three different scare options to ensure rabbits are sufficiently deterred from the area.

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