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Mega Fly and Insect Trap - Commercial-Grade, DIY Super-Efficient - Envirobug
Mega Fly and Insect Trap - Comme...
Are you experiencing problems with flying insects in your home or commercial kitchen, cafe, restaurant, food prep area, indoor dining, canteen or lab? You need a fly trap that works. Complying with stringent Health & Safety Regulations and requirements can be a pain – and it can get expensive. Well – you’ve sure come to the right place. We've got the best low-cost DIY Fly & Insect Trap solution available. The powerful 24 blue LED light attractants, together with effective easy-to-change pheromone impregnated sticky glue boards set a new standard for controlling flying insects. The trap complies with health and safety standard requirements. No zaps No smell No noise No poisons No shattering insects No toxic poisons The EnviroBug indoor commercial trap will protect an area of up to 220sqm. We have many commercial drink breweries, fast-food outlets and bakeries installing these traps to reduce their flying insect problems and maintain an insect free environment. The clever, slim and visually subtle design allows the trap to be easily installed in eating areas in addition to the business end of food outlets. The sticky glue boards are discretely hidden out of sight of public view – unlike many commercial zappers, which can be especially unsightly. Avoid potential embarrassing customer experiences – or turning off your patrons with insect corpses on display! Installation is simple - do it yourself and save the extra expense of hiring a contractor. Easy-to-follow instructions - once you have attached the unit to a wall - plug it in and go! How It Works      Glue Boards Our sticky boards are made with an ultra-sticky non-toxic glue impregnated with a special (non-detectable by humans) pheromone attractant to attract flies. The boards can be easily replaced at the appropriate intervals (monthly on average, but depends on the season). Replacing the boards is as simple as removing the magnet-held front cover to replace the used boards. The glue boards are easy and quick to change and because no toxic chemicals are used, the spent boards can be thrown straight in the bin. LED Lights The blue LED lights attracts other flying insects. The 24 powerful lure Blue Spectrum LED lights operate off a 240-volt to 12-volt transformer, giving you very low power consumption without losing efficiency. The long-life blue spectrum LED lights to mean no tube replacements, safer to use and lower running costs. The LED UV Lights use minimal power and we recommend 24/7 use for maximum capture. Benefits: The EnviroBug Indoor Commercial LED Fly & Insect Trap provides you with an economical, DIY and easy solution for controlling flying insects in food preparation and serving areas that require strict hygiene to comply with State, Territory and Federal government food safety standards. low set up cost low-cost replacement boards easy-to-follow installation instructions straightforward operation odourless easy cleaning completely safe for cats & dogs For your extra peace of mind, you get our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 12-month warranty with your purchase. Features: Quiet Efficient NO zapping NO smells Low power consumption Attractive appearance Discreetly located sticky glue board, hidden from view Easy board change and maintenance Available spare boards and parts. Non-toxic replacement pheromone impregnated attractant glue boards 1m power cord Free Delivery 12-month warranty Product Specifications: Input Voltage (Adaptor): 115V-240V mains power Operating voltage: 12V DC Light Output: 1X6 watt UV LED stripe Average Life: approx. 50,000 hours Peak Wavelength: 390 nm Dimensions: 50 X 23 X 13cm Glueboard size: 47 X 17cm Wall Fixing Points: 30cm apart Material: ABS Weight: 720g Area Coverage: 220 square metres For indoor use Package Contents: 1 x Commercial Grade Flying Insect Trap 2 x Glue Boards
Replacement Glue Boards for Envirobug Commercial Fly Trap - 20 Pack - Envirobug
Replacement Glue Boards for Envi...
Replacement glue boards for EnviroBug Commercial Grade Electronic Flying Insect Trap (10 Pack). Product Specifications: Non-toxic Ultra sticky Pheromone-impregnated glue is irresistible to flies Generally, glue one board will last between 1-2 months Used glue boards can be thrown straight into the bin (Please note: Glue Boards only, trap sold separately) Package Contents: 10 x Replacement Glue Boards for EnviroBug Commercial-Grade Flying Insect Trap

Fly Traps in Australia - EnviroBug

Flies and every other flying insect are annoying. These prevalent creatures may benefit the ecosystem, but humans and insects don’t exactly see eye to eye. 

The presence of insects inside our homes causes disturbance in our lives. You know how  you feel when you walk into the kitchen and find a fly sitting on your lunch? Flies and other flying insects are  some of the most common nuisances in domestic homes. If you’re unlucky, you may even come across a unique looking insect, only to find out that it bites. Insects can swarm anywhere, from bedrooms, to kitchens and especially in confined spaces like restaurants and laboratories. 

Finding bugs in places where they shouldn’t be not only gives a bad impression, but it puts the health and wellbeing of your loved ones in danger. Most flies and insects dwell and feed on rotting matter, and their diet is full of pathogens! Most insects leave the pathogens in places they sit, so it is only a matter of seconds before someone touches the infected area, contracting the pathogen. These pathogens can cause  diseases like typhoid, cholera and anthrax. Not exactly what we want…. 

When your family’s well being is at risk, you need to think about the best ways to keep flies away from your house. If you’re thinking, “Well I can just bring a can of insect killers and spray around the house”, you are putting everyone’s health and the environment in danger. To begin with, most insect killers come loaded with toxic chemicals, which are potential pollutants. Pesticides and chemical based insecticides can cause both acute and chronic adverse health effects including stinging eyes, rashes, blisters, blindness, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and death. Secondly, spraying chemicals around and inside your house is a short-term measure. The effects of both gaseous and liquid insecticides wear off quickly, leading to frequent application of these chemicals. The results are environmental pollution, dying insects (both targets and non-targets), deteriorating plants and visits to the doctor’s office!

If you’ve searched for “fly traps near me” on the web or asked for suggestions for all-in-all best fly traps, typically, your other options for getting rid of flies could be a sticky fly trap and electronic zapper. While these insect catchers may produce results, they come with extensive drawbacks. General sticky fly traps are lined with chemicals that give off a scent attractive to flies . Flies are not limited to inside your house, so you also need to consider fly traps for outside. Many people would suggest using lantern fly traps and label them as the best fly trap for outside. Mind you, these fly traps bait Spotted Lanternflies, a kind of planthopper known to feed on grape vines and stone fruit and will not work as effectively against houseflies. As for electronic zappers, setting these up as fly traps indoors is not safe for children and pets because of the high voltage electricity in these zappers. To add to that, the mess they create is appalling, not to mention, the awful smell of burnt insects and their body parts falling around the trap. 

The EnviroBug Electronic Fly Traps are fly traps that work and don’t make empty promises. This insect trap combines LED technology with the good old fashioned maneuver of the fly sticky traps to catch harmful insects both indoors and outdoors by using a safer kind of chemoattractant and adhesives. The EnviroBug electronic fly trap comes with a sticky glue board saturated with pheromones that attract insects and blowflies. When plugged in and running, the flies get trapped inside the machine, without making a mess or creating a grizzly scene. This DIY system works great as both an indoor and outdoor fly trap, making it a good addition in restaurants, laboratories and even your backyard. So the next time you are throwing a barbeque party, you know how to keep those pesky flies away. 

Unlike many commercial indoor fly traps and insect catchers, the sticky glue boards are discreetly hidden out of sight of public view. The glue board contains a non-toxic glue that only attracts flies. As for other insects, the blue LED lights built inside the machine acts as the main attractant. The advantage of using EnviroBug LED Fly Traps compared to electronic electrocution type traps is it removes the health risks and potential danger associated with using live 240-volt power to kill insects in food prep areas as well as dining areas. Older style electronic insect traps are unsightly. Worse, they use electrocution to zap insects, which causes many of them to shatter and risk falling into food. This means contamination and the unpleasant odor of burnt insects. The EnviroBug LED Fly trap acts as a wall up light with the hidden glue board inside to ensure the capture of flies and other insects. Although the EnviroBug fly trap runs on electricity, the machine uses minimal power, hardly making an impact on your bill. The ergonomic design makes handling and set up easy and it can easily pass as a cool new gadget in your living room. All these attributes makeattriutesamenities make the EnviroBug LED Fly Trap the best fly trap in Australia.

Flies are detrimental. Yes, you can use bug sprays and sticky traps to control flies indoors and outdoors but these methods come with severe outcomes and no long term solution. Why settle for harmful methods when you can safely get rid of flies using the EnviroBug Electronic Fly Trap?

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