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360 Degree Ultrasonic Pes...
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A low cost, hassle-free, highly effective and contactless means of repelling vermin from areas you want keep vermin free.  Safely repels mice, rats and other pests in the home using state-of-the-art ultrasonic sound waves that only small pests can hear. The best solution to pest problems is to prevent them in the first place! Mice, rats and other vermin are attracted to homes and sheds as they offer the ideal environment with dry, warm, easy access to food and water, plus plenty of nesting material. Prevent pests before they set up house and avoid the horror of having them die in hard to get to places like in walls, behind furniture, fridges and stoves. Avoid using poisons, rat and mouse traps or electronic traps to kill pests. No offensive or embarrassing smell of rotting rodent bodies that can last for weeks.  Simply plug in the EnviroBug 360-Degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and it begins to emit high electronic frequencies, inaudible to the human ear. It is highly irritating to vermin and stops them from settling in – but guaranteed not to bother your pets. Pests gather where there is food, shelter and warmth. We recommend pest repellers in the following rooms: Kitchen Pantry Laundry Garage Storage room Animal feed shed Roof cavities Farm sheds  How do they work?   The 360-degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is highly effective against rats, mice, and other pests by producing an ultrasonic signal above the audible range of the human ear. It irritates rodents and other pests, making it uncomfortable for them to remain in the protected area. The repellers operate off a 240V to a 12V transformer which plugs into a normal power socket.  A 2-meter lead allows for effective placement. The repeller can cover up to 370 square metres in an open unobstructed area. Where should I use them? The clearer the area is of solid objects, the further the ultrasonic frequencies will penetrate. Vermin prefer anywhere food sources are available. Kitchens and pantries are critical places to install the repellers, followed by storage or box rooms, sheds, garages and other places that provide ideal nesting materials and places to make a home for themselves.   Features: Silent operation Up to 370 square metre effective range Operation light indicator Test switch Low power cost power usage 12-month full replacement warranty.

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