Old Bush Theory About Stamping Your Feet When A Snake Crosses Your Path is Debunked

June 11, 2018

Once it was accepted wisdom that the best way to deter a snake in your path was to stamp your feet vigorously. Experts warn that this not only doesn’t work but could have the opposite effect – making the snake feel threatened so it is provoked to bite. You are far safer to stay perfectly still and let the snake go on its way.  The reason is that snakes primarily work on smell and vibration and so if you stamp your feet in a striking range of the snake it will feel threatened by the vibration and strike your foot.

It is, however, a good idea to stamp your way through grass and areas where snakes may be as the vibrations will forewarn snakes that there’s a large creature nearby and they’ll move away to avoid danger.

And of course stick to the golden rule – never try to catch, corner or kill a snake – that’s when most bites occur.

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