Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers - Twin Pack


Pack Sizes

2 Pack (Small House) 4 Pack (Average House Block) 10 Pack (Small Acreage) 20 Pack (Farm)

Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers - Twin Pack


Pack Sizes

2 Pack (Small House) 4 Pack (Average House Block) 10 Pack (Small Acreage) 20 Pack (Farm)

Australia’s original home of eco-friendly pest control

We’ve helped thousands of Australian families over the years with solutions that really work.

There are a bunch of pest control sellers out there, so what makes us different?

  • We care about your family and pets as much as you do, so we will never sell a product that risks harming them.
  • We are committed to leaving this world better off than how we found it – which is why we will never sell any nasty or toxic chemicals.

Our range of products is specially designed and extensively tested in harsh Australian conditions, to ensure that not only do they work – but they will last.


 Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your family & pets from deadly snakes

EnviroBug offers you the strongest, most effective, reliable solar snake repellers available to protect you from deadly ground snakes.

8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people try to pick them up, scare them, corner them or accidentally step on them. Keeping snakes away is always the safest approach.

The Envirobug vibrating motor repeller emits stronger variable vibrations frequencies, providing greater coverage and better protection.

Consistent use deters snakes from establishing a territory on your property!

Over the last decade, thousands of customers have installed our repellers and successfully kept ground snakes at bay.

Product Features:

  • Silent motor with stronger vibrations than ever before
  • Variable vibration pattern ensures snakes maximum discomfort without any harm
  • Massive 40 Meter diameter protection coverage – 80% more area than other repellers on the market
  • Slanted weatherproof fade-resistant solar head targets the sun and prevents fogging
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery (included)
  • Holds charge up to 10 days in poor sunlight to keep you safer, longer
  • Quiet operation with LED indicator light to tell you it’s working
  • Anodised stem to prevent corrosive mineralisation from the soil
  • 12-month warranty for your peace of mind

 You can watch our videos and installation instructions here. 

Product Specifications

  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Amp Hours: 1500
  • Battery type: Rechargeable (solar) / replaceable
  • Effective range: up to 40 metre diameter
  • Material: Aluminium alloy and ABS
  • Length: 43cm
  • Width: 9.2cm x 12.4cm (head)

Package Contents:

  • 2 x Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers (batteries included)


What is the EnviroBug difference?

EnviroBug solar snake repellers are built to be the highest-quality, most powerful snake repellers available. Built to endure tough Australian conditions, Envirobug solar snake repellers are effective up to a 40-metre diameter - meaning you need fewer, and they will keep snakes further away.

Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 1
EnviroBug snake repellers have been especially developed over many years to be maximally effective against nasty Australian snakes. Most snake repellers on the market use cheap components, which make irritating noises and - worse - can be unreliable, exposing their users to injury or death.

Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 2
Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 3
What makes EnviroBug repellers so effective is that they change their vibration patterns unpredictably - ensuring snakes never get comfortable. This differs from other repellers, which can enable snakes to learn to ignore them over a period of months.

Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 4
Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 5

EnviroBug's repellers have been developed from the ground up to be effective at keeping snakes away, as well as to last in tough Australian conditions. This means we have paid special attention to every single detail - up to and including the solar panel.

The EnviroBug solar snake repeller incorporates a unique slanted panel, which enhances both its efficiency and toughness. We don't just want to sell you our repellers; we really care that they keep working for a long time.

Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 6
Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers, 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Snakes be gone !

Finally a product that works.. My battery operated snake vibrators have given me such peace of mind after seeing one snake too many ,, mainly tigers ..Haven't seen a joey blake since installing my 4 "soldiers" as I call them . Fantastic product that I would highly recommend for any household yard ...bush or suburbia . The beeps are of no concern.... reassuring if anything for me . Preferable than a snake. Thanks Envirobug

Darren Powell

Good product


So far so good- no sign of snakes 🤞

Peter Moore
Nice vibration but noise annoyed wife too mych

I placed these around our property and ignored the random honks. My wife couldn’t take it and turned all of them off. Vibration fine but the noise wasn’t our cup of tea.

Brian Howard

I have been buying these units for a number of years now and never had a problem good people to deal with and the units work as described would recommend

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