Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Mozzie Trap (Super Low Voltage)


Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Mozzie Trap (Super Low Voltage)


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Envirobug's unique Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap has helped thousands of Australian families reclaim their outdoor spaces from the incessant irritation of mosquitos.

Imagine being able to enjoy your enjoy backyard parties, barbecues and dinner parties without the hassle of swarms of blood-sucking mosquitos. It is possible with our weatherproof mosquito trap!

Unlike other insect systems, which often use dangerous propane, horrible stenches or expensive refills, the Envirobug Mega Outdoor Mosquito Trap will effectively attract and trap mosquitos across your entire property – and do so without any zapping, poisons or sprays.

But even better, it is incredibly economical – just 8.5 watts - and can be plugged in anywhere you need to wipe out some nasties. This versatility extends inside your house, as well as outside.

Our Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap not only takes out mosquitos – it also eliminates West Nile-carrying insects as well as biting flies, Asian beetles, and other flying pests.

The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap uses a cutting-edge 7 watt UV fluorescent bulb that emits blue light at a precise frequency that mosquitos simply cannot exist. This, combined with a titanium dioxide-coated insert, imitates the warm, inviting blood flow of a living human.

Mosquitos are lured into the light, where they find themselves sucked into the removable basket below by a powerful, but whisper quiet, vacuum fan. Mosquitos sucked by this vortex into the basket are unable to escape, and quickly dehydrate and die – never to bother you again.

The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap will attract mosquitos within an area of up to 1000 square metres (larger than an average Australian housing block).

The Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Trap is the ideal way of controlling and reducing mosquito populations by luring and trapping breeding female mosquitoes and preventing the laying of multiple thousands of mosquito eggs.

Even better – as most mosquito species are territorial and live in an area of around 100 metres of where they are born, you can gradually reduce their population around you, and avoid future swarms.

Say goodbye to unhygienic devices that can never be properly cleaned! This state-of-the-art insect trap comprises a simple screw-off basket, which removes easily for regular cleansing and washing.

Our trap does all the work for you- safely and without mess. Just plug it in and be mozzie FREE in no time!

Why is this the best outdoor mosquito trap you can buy?

  • Unique design produces an effect that is irresistible to mosquitos (even more attractive than you!)
  • Completely weatherproof design
  • Covers up to 1000 square metres
  • Safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly and your pets.
  • No radiation, no toxicity and no chemicals.
  • Traps - Not zaps!
  • Whisper quiet
  • Dry trapping system
  • No cleaning needed - simply twist off and tip out the dead mozzies every so often.
  • Very cheap to run, with a super-low voltage lamp and powerful fan
  • 12 month replacement warranty.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 110-256V
  • Frequency rate: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 8.5W
  • Product size: 29cm x 29cm x 35cm
  • Product weight: 1.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Renae G.
It really works!

No sound, no zapping noise, no dead bugs on the ground. You need to follow the instructions and have it running 24/7. Works really well!

John K.
This really works

We have a nice patio area that we have not been able to use because within a few minutes we were being attacked by mozzies. After about 2 weeks of running this gadget, the mozzies seem to have disappeared. The main things trapped are moths. Unfortunately, some do get away when cleaning out the filter. But the amount of dead insects collected and desiccated is phenomenal. A great gadget.

Ron A.
enviro trap exellent

so good have empied it twice in 8days

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