EBC Electronic NEW Commercial & Domestic Fly and Insect trap

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EBC Electronic NEW Commercial & Domestic Fly and Insect trap

You Save $20.00 (10%)

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  • The NEW model F3 Fly & Insect Trap sets a new standard in controlling flying insects. It is rapidly becoming the preferred option in commercial kitchens, cafes Restaurants, food prep areas, dining areas, laboratories etc. We even have  commercial drink brewers & bakeries installing these traps to reduce the their flying insect problems and maintaining an insect free environment.

    The attractive design allows them to be installed in eating areas as well as the business end of food outlets. The sticky glue boards are hidden out of sight of public view. The boards are so easy and quick to change when necessary. Because no toxic chemicals are used the spent boards can be disposed of as normal waste.

    The F3 is now 240v to 12 volt power output, with 24 Blue Spectrum LED lights, making it even safer & more compliant with Work Place & Safety Food Standards then our previous model.

    Long life blue spectrum  LED lights mean No tube replacements, safer to use, lower running costs and still the same low price as the previous model!


    Ideal For:

    • Restaurants
    • Cafes
    • Food courts
    • Commercial & Domestic kitchens
    • Food & beverage laboratories



    EBC commercial and LED fly and insect traps provide you with economical, easy method for controlling flying insects in food preparation and serving areas that require strict hygiene to comply with State and Federal government food safety standards

    Advantage of using LED fly & Insect Glue Board Traps over older electronic electrocution type traps solves the issues and potential dangers associated with using live 240 volt power to kill insects in food prep areas as well as dining areas.

    The discreet attractive design of the F3 LED trap looks like a wall light with the hidden glue board inside ensures the capture of flies and other insects which could otherwise result in unwanted embarrassing experiences.

    The disadvantage of older style electronic insect traps is that they use electrocution to kill insects causing many of them to shatter and potentially fall into food, risking contamination as well as creating unpleasant odour of burnt insect smells.

    As well as being safer to use, the EBC LED Fly and Insect traps  use a combination of powerful blue LED light and special odourless replaceable sticky glue boards impregnated with an odourless attractant that slow releases to attract flies. The boards can be easily replaced at the appropriate intervals, on average monthly depending on the season.



    • Quiet, efficient
    • NO zapping - NO smells
    • Low power consumption.
    • Attractive appearance
    • Discretely located sticky glue board hidden from view
    • Easy board change and maintenance
    • F3 dimensions: 500mm width x 240mm height x 120mm depth.
    • Available spare boards and parts.
    • Oduor free economical replacement pheromone impregnated attractant glue boards
    • 12month full warranty.


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  • Returns Policy

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    Naturally if the goods arrive to you damaged in transit or faulty in any way we’ll give you a full refund, or a replacement – your choice

    And remember, you are also protected by our full 12 month replacement warranty on all EBC Enviro Bug Control products excluding accidental damage during installation or usage.

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