1. What exactly is the EBC DIY termite ninja multi - purpose monitor and bait trap system?
  2. How do they work?
  3. How many will I need?
  4. Can I install the traps myself?
  5. What is the advantage of doing it myself?
  6. Is the EBC DIY system as effective as the pest controller installed ones?
  7. What is the termite killer treatment and how does it work?
  8. Is the termite killer bait safe for me to use?
  9. How easy is to apply the bait?
  10. Can I re use the traps?
  11. Why choose EBC termite monitor and bait traps?


What exactly is the EBC DIY Termite Ninja Monitor and Bait Trap System?

It is a highly effective multi purpose in ground, on ground perimeter defence system designed to eliminate property damaging termite colonies, including the queen. A unique termite control box that allows you to target termites where ever they are. Unlike any other system on the market Termite Ninja allows you to target termites * On ground * In ground * On walls * On sheds * On posts * On fences * On outbuildings 

This revolutionary new system allows for the same box to be used in many combinations and applications from monitoring and treating to direct baiting in problem spots. EBC Termite Ninja Monitoring and Baiting Traps use professional strength growth regulator bait, safe for you, your family and animals too. The new EBC system makes it easier than ever for you to protect your property and rest easy.

Once installed monitoring takes only a few minutes a month. Treatment when required is also a breeze, using the supplied registered non-toxic bait. It’s perfectly safe for humans, deadly for termites!


How do they work?

The  new Termite control boxes can now be located and fixed onto the ground or buried. They can be spaced at intervals around the perimeter of buildings or can be used individually for specific target areas. The traps contain attractant wood to lure termites. The termites enter the trap underneath or through the sides of the boxes to access the wood inside. They announce their presence by mudding up the viewing window to block out any light, making it very easy for you to know when they’re there.

EBC DIY termite traps are Australian designed and manufactured specifically to deal with Aussie termites. The unique two chamber trap contains wood in the outer chamber, and an inspection window in the lid for detecting termite activity, as well as a dedicated inner baiting chamber for applying the bait.


How many will I need?

Every Property Needs Different Numbers of Termite Traps. So That We Can Help You Best Please Click the Button Below and Select the Option Below That’s Right For You!

See How Many Termite Bait Stations I Need!


The spacing used in the pest control industry is generally 2 to 3 metres around the perimeter of a building. This provides an acceptable average distance between traps. So it is as easy as measuring the perimeter of your home or building, measuring from no more than 3 metres out from the external walls, and dividing by 3 to calculate how many you need. However, it is important to note that CSIRO field research also shows that the primary attractant for termites is MOISTURE. Special consideration should be given to damp areas, in particular, concrete slab joins or cracks, garden beds, garden taps, roof runoff, gutter leaks and down pipe, tank overflows, pot plants, hot-water and air-conditioner runoffs. In these areas try and place baits no more than 2 metres apart.



Can I install the traps myself?

Yes you can! - EBC Termite traps are designed especially for DIY installation. Our easy to follow instruction guide shows you how to install – monitor – and apply the treatment yourself. All backed up with our personal telephone support. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is.


What is the advantage of doing it myself?

As well as giving you full ownership and control of your own termite management system, the EBC Termite Ninja system allows you to do your own regular monitoring for termite activity, quickly and easily. Monitoring is as simple as walking around once a month in temperate areas, and twice a month in tropical areas, and viewing the inspection windows for signs of termite activity. You can then apply the bait supplied, safely and easily, when and if required without having to call in a pest controller each time.


Is the EBC DIY system as effective as the pest controller installed ones?

Yes, not only will you save thousands of dollars with your own EBC DIY system. It allows you do it just as effectively as the professionals with the same strength treatment at a fraction of the cost.


What is the termite killer treatment and how does it work?

The termite killer bait is an APVMA approved and registered insect growth regulator that when ingested by termites removes their ability to produce Chitin, the vital substance necessary to harden their new exoskeletons.

When termites consume the bait their new shell remains soft and their mandibles also stay soft, making them unable to chew or eat, so they get sick and die. Termites are cannibalistic by nature and will eat the dead ones ensuring they also get infected. This constant cross infection works its way right through the colony and back to the queen, effectively destroying the colony.

A colony of viable subterranean timber eating termites can be made up of millions in a single colony with the colony’s existence being 100% reliant on the queen’s ability to produce up to 1500 eggs per day. She lays eggs every day of her long life – termites queens can live for over 37 years! The queen, her consorts, attendants and soldiers which between them constitute 10% of the colony, depend entirely on the 90% of workers to be fed.

Once termites have ingested or been exposed to the growth regulator they are unable to get rid of it, and the constant contact between termites means that the infection spreads through the colony in a domino effect. It works its way back through the sub nests all the way back to the main nest, eventually infecting the queen too. Once the queen dies the colony has no way of reproducing new termites and will collapse, ensuring its destruction.


Is the termite killer bait safe for me to use?

Yes, because the treatment will only work on invertebrates it has no toxic or hazardous effect on humans or animals. The exceptions are fish and birds if it enters their drinking water. The baits will not harm them in situ but make sure you dispose of the unused bait safely, and not near waterways or bird feeders.


How easy is to apply the bait?

The new system allows for the bait to be applied in powder form by either pouring directly into the affected trap or placing the sachet of bait into a termite control box. Weekly monitoring will allow you to assess if and when more bait needs to be added.

Continue the applications of the bait until termite activity ceases. An indicator of colony eradication is the change in colour of termite bodies form creamy white to dirty opaque yellow.


Can I re use the traps?

Yes, the EBC trap is constructed from strong PVC materials. One of the many great features of the EBC trap is that it is designed to be cleaned and re loaded with either replacement wood from us or you can also use your own. They will last you for many, many years.


Why choose EBC termite monitor and bait traps?

  • DO IT YOURSELF and save thousands of dollars
  • Proven results
  • Multiple uses in all areas of termite activity.
  • 100% Australian designed to deal with Aussie termites.
  • Excludes ANTS - stops them nesting in the traps.
  • Easy to install – easy to monitor – easy to treat.
  • Can be purchased with approved registered termite killer bait.
  • Can also be bought separately.
  • Targets the queen – destroys the colony.
  • No ongoing costly contracts – own the system outright.
  • FREE phone support backup.

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