How and why do Envirobug solar snake repellers work?

EnviroBug Silent Solar Powered Snake Repellers are specially designed for Australian conditions to keep your grounds snake free. The repellers are a compact long-stemmed device, inserted around 15cms into the ground. They emit vibrations through the ground. Ground dwelling snakes sense these vibrations through their nervous system (snakes don’t have ears!) and perceive them as large heavy-footed animals, which means danger! And so, they take off.

The clever EnviroBug variable vibration motor technology takes full advantage of snakes’ sensory systems to deter them without harming them. The change in vibration frequency prevents snakes from acclimatising to the vibrations, and saves you having to relocate the repellers every couple of months. The Envirobug snake repeller’s unique design allows for quieter and stronger vibrations without annoying you or your neighbours. It really is about the vibe of the thing!

How to use the Silent Solar Snake Repellers

The silent vibrating motor snake repellers indicate they are operating with a flashing LED light on the apex of the solar head. In open ground areas with firm soil, they can be placed up to 40 meters apart. In softer soils, bushy and rocky areas this distance should be reduced accordingly. 

There should always be a line of sight for perimeter use allowing for larger obstructions to have repellers placed either side. 

Types of Australian Snakes 

There two main categories of snakes in Australia, ground-dwelling snakes (mostly venomous) and arboreal dwelling snakes (mostly non-venomous). Our repellers are designed for ground-dwelling snakes only.

Ground snakes are by nature reclusive and will prefer to avoid confrontation with any animal larger than them if at all possible.

Please note: If the snake has already established territory, it might take a few weeks for the vibrations to move them away.

It is also important to remember snakes are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable. As well as avoiding confrontation, care should always be taken to wear appropriate clothing and being familiar with the latest snake safety information. 

How many EnviroBug snake repellers do I need?

A simple rule of thumb is that each repeller has a range of over 40 metres diameter in open ground situations. Between 2 and 4 repellers should cover most suburban blocks. It’s definitely worth putting an extra one near kennels, aviaries, chook runs, feed sheds etc.

If you wish to create a perimeter defence, simply measure your boundary and divide by 40 to calculate how many you’ll need.

Please note that the vibrations will not travel through concrete and large solid objects such as patios, paths, roadways etc. so you may need to use more repellers to work around these areas.

How much sun do they need?

Solar snake repellers require 6-8 hours of sun daily.

For optimum efficiency, EnviroBug Silent Solar Snake Repellers require around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. In wet weather the charge will hold for up to 10 days.

What about shady spots?

The EnviroBug battery powered snake repellers are ideal for all those shady spots. They work off four D cell batteries which generally last between 6 and 8 months (essentially one snake season) and can be easily replaced.  

Should I choose solar or battery powered snake repellers?

Solar powered snake repellers are the best in spots that receive at least 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight a day on average to maintain full charge. The Lithium-Ion batteries have a large capacity that can last you up to 2 years and can be easily replaced. We sell replacements for when the time comes.

Battery powered snake repellers are perfect for those shady spots, under houses, inside dirt floored sheds etc. They take 4xD cell batteries, average life 6 to 8 months and also easily replaced.

Do they really work?

Our customers tell us all the time that they’re terrific! We also have lots of reviews from previous customers for you to see what people really have to say! For nearly 14 years now we reached have thousands of happy, satisfied customers. A lot of our business is repeat custom and referrals (thank you!). And we use them ourselves. We don’t sell anything that we don’t believe in and wouldn’t use ourselves.

Why use snake repellers instead of other methods?

Current statistics in Australia show that up to a whopping 8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people attempt to catch, corner or kill snakes. Avoiding confrontation is the safest form of defence as most snakes are timid by nature until they feel threatened. Many Australian snakes are also protected species and our repellers ensure they are only deterred and not harmed.

Why EnviroBug snake repellers are best for keeping your family safe

Our snake repellers are manufactured to the highest standards so you can be confident of their quality. The slanted protected slanted ultra-clear solar panel ensures maximum internal battery charging, giving you long and reliable service. The variable vibrations prevent snakes acclimatising to them and saving you the chore of having to periodically move them around. They come in solar and battery-operated models to take care of sunny and shady spots around your house and garden. Completely harmless to your kids and pets, but super repellent to snakes.

How do they work?

Snakes are deaf and rely on their acute sensitivity through their nervous system to identify other creatures. The repellers create a vibration strong enough to mimic large animal movements. As snakes typically want to avoid confrontation with larger animals, they will instinctively keep away from the protected areas. The vibration frequencies of the Envirobug repellers change constantly to prevent snakes from acclimatising to the vibrations. 

The variable frequency vibrations mimic a variety of large-footed animals to ensure that snakes do not get used to the vibrations and keep snakes away all the time. Unlike other solar snake repellers, the EnviroBug silent snake solar powered snake repeller is specifically designed to suit Australian conditions.

Will the Repellers affect or worry my pets?

Our golden retriever sleeps right beside one of our repellers.

Our customers tell us of similar experiences. The Silent motor vibration is designed to travel through the soil, and is detected by ground dwelling snakes because of their ultra-acute sensitivity to vibrations.

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