How do I know if I have termite problems?

 Subterranean termites are commonly found all over Australia. Early visible signs of termite activity are found in dead timber around your home, firewood, timber retaining walls, woodchip and or bark matter. In buildings, early signs are typically in softwoods such as architraves, door jambs window reveals, floor boards untreated studs etc.


What are the chances of having termites?                                                   

According to CSIRO government statistics, 1 in 3 homes are affected by timber eating termites. This results in hundreds of millions of dollars per year! 


What Damage Do Termites Cause to Houses? How Serious Is It?

The damage can vary from minor to very serious damage depending on the building materials used in construction and early or late detection of termite activity. In some instances, this leads to complete demolition where structural timbers are beyond repair. And the bad news? Damage is not covered by insurance in Australia.


How Most People Become Aware of Termite Activity.

Early signs of termite activity around your property can be signs of damaged timber such as timber left on the ground, mud trails on posts, bulging walls, bubbling paint on door jambs, window reveals. Cardboard boxes etc.

The Visual Signs of Termite Activity

The worrying problem with termite detection is that by the time you see the visual damage, the hidden damage may be very extensive, depending on the construction and materials used.

The Tool You Should Use to Determine for Sure if You Have Termites

The Termite Ninja monitor is the best way to detect termite activity. It mimics a piece of dead timber on the ground or in the ground. The specially prepared bait timber inside is what they come for. Because termites are subterranean they will block out the light coming through the monitoring window on top of the trap by mudding it up so they can eat the timber in complete darkness. Once you detect activity, you can then easily apply the special non-toxic to human and animal IGR that they will take back to the nest to kill the Queen and destroys the colony. 


When Should I Install Termite Traps?

The very best time is before termite activity occurs. But any time is a good time to install the traps. This allows you to monitor regularly (monthly) to see if the windows show signs of termite activity. Early detection can save you expensive treatments and costly repairs. 


Is this termite control method as good and effective as using pest controllers?

Not only is it as effective, but as well as being easy to install it yourself, it uses the same strength killer bait as pest controllers use. As well as protecting your property, it can also save you many thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.

Are all termite traps the same and do they do the same job?                                                                            

NO! Many other termite trap systems on the market can be very costly and nearly all of them are made to be placed in the ground only and may also need to be installed, monitored and treated by pest controllers. Often this involves expensive annual termite monitoring & management contracts, and you will still have to wait for termites to find them before any eradication treatment can begin.  Almost all other DIY systems are still primarily single purpose in-ground or on ground traps.

Why choose EnviroBug DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?

Conventional thinking used to be that because termites are subterranean, burying the traps would be to be the most effective method for dealing with them. However more recent research shows that most timber consumed by termites in nature exists above ground in the form of dead trees and sometimes live trees, stumps, dead wood lying on the ground, timber framed structures, posts, fences, retaining timber walls, stored cardboard etc.

The EnviroBug Termite Ninja traps adapt to be used in many other configurations as shown in the charts below.

This has led to an important re-think on how to best deal with termites more efficiently. Dead wood lying on the ground creates moisture footprints, this is the primary signature that termite scouts go looking for when looking for new food sources. We have added unique features that allow the traps to be buried in the ground, or adapt to be installed wherever termites are active. 

What are the benefits of this for me?

Inground termite trap systems normally rely on termites finding the traps before baiting can commence, this can take some time. One of the many benefits of a DIY multi-purpose traps is that you can apply them to any area where termite activity is detected. Now you don’t have to wait for the termites to find the traps. You can take the fight to them. The sooner termites start taking the killer bait, the quicker you can knock out the colony and save yourself further damage or repair costs.

The Flexibility of Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Monitor & Bait Traps Compared with Other Traps

How Many Termite Traps Are Required for My House?

This can help be determined when taking into account the size of the house, type of foundations, previous termite attacks if any, termite risk zones etc. The common rule in pest control is for placement of the termite traps around the perimeter with 2 to 3 meter spacing. 

The most important consideration is termite hot spots around a house, because their number 1 requirements is water, identifying these vulnerable hot spots and installing traps in these areas, provides better protection. 

The Envirobug Difference – Why Choose Envirobug For Your Termite Monitoring and Eradication?

Our Termite Ninja multi-purpose Termite Control System is unique in that it is the only one on the market that is designed to adapt it to suit all conditions allowing you to take the fight to termites wherever they are on your property. You can easily monitor, treat and eradicate them. With more than 10 years of experience in helping home owners successfully manage their own DIY termite control management systems and now with our new multi-purpose it has just got even easier and better.

Your Next Steps

Call us today on 1800 858 977 to speak to a termite solution expert about your exact requirements or use check out our Termite Ninja options to determine the right number of termite traps for you. 


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