Do Snake Repellers Really Work?

Do Snake Repellers Really Work?

And if So How Do They Actually Repel Snakes?


The Expert Snake Handlers Safety Advice

Most expert snake handlers recommend that a good way to avoid unexpected and unwanted confrontation with snakes in long grass and deeply shaded areas, is to stamp on the ground heavily to create vibrations alerting any snakes in the immediate vicinity that a large creature is in its locality, giving them time to escape to safety. This recommendation supports the use of “VIBRATIONS” to repel snakes from a given area.


But How is That Relevant to Snake Repellers?

Snake repellers really do exactly what the expert snake handlers recommend with creating vibrations into the ground.  The snake repeller stem - instead of stamping feet creates strong vibrations at timed intervals to mimic large heavy footed animals like cattle, horses, humans etc which snakes are naturally afraid of and try to avoid.

Like most creatures snakes like to feel safe too, and to them a strong vibration signals a danger alert and something they like to stay away from.


Greg C. from Wollongong’s experience of snake repellers is consistent with other snake repeller owners when he said “Last summer we had both a brown snake and a black snake in my yard near where the kids play.  Since we got your snake repellers we have never seen another snake again – I can’t thank you enough” 


Ok So Snake Repellers Work, But What’s The Catch?

There is no catch other than you need to install the correct number of snake Repellers to fully cover the area you want to protect, and also use a quality snake repellers like the EBC Envirobug Range (not a cheap imitation copy) to ensure you get the reliability your family need and deserve.


So How Would I Know How Many Snake Repellers I Need to Protect My Property?

It’s a great question, and one the EBC Envirobug team heard so much that they made a quick 1 minute tool to show you how to select the perfect number of snake repellers you need to keep the perimeter of your house/property safe from snakes.


Experience The EBC Envirobug Snake Repeller Difference

Area Covered

Stronger variable vibrations in Envirobug Solar Snake Repellers result in greater coverage and better protection. This also saves you money as you need less snake repellers to cover the same distance.


Australia’s Quietest Snake Repeller

Older style ultra-frequency repellers can be considered noisy in built-up areas. The Envirobug Snake Repellers unique design is quiet and won’t annoy you or your neighbours.


Variable Frequency Vibrations Keep Snakes Away All the Times

The vibrations mimic large footed animals which snakes are naturally scared of. The problem with single frequency snake repellers is that snakes can get used to and less scared of the one frequency over time.

Envirobug’s variable frequency vibrations mimic a variety of large footed animals to ensure that snakes do not get used to it and keep away.


Specifically Designed to Suit Australian Weather Conditions

Most generic snake repellers have a flat solar panel on top. This has been proven to be problematic in extreme weather conditions resulting in water leakages and deterioration of the solar panel and decreased reliability. 

Envirobug’s revolutionary slanted solar panel design can withstand extreme weather conditions as water runs off the surface of the protective panel. This provides you the benefit of industry leading reliability that you can count on.


Your Next Steps

If you have had experiences of snakes around your property or you are worried that they may be present then you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain - we strongly recommend getting an EBC Envirobug Snake Repeller Solution