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Do Chickens Attract Snakes?

Do Chickens Attract Snakes?

Australia’s wildlife is impressively diverse. If you’re living in an Australian suburb, you may come across a vivid Rainbow Lorikeet one sunny morning or find a Common Brushtail Possum casually walking around your backyard.

Finding an unexpected animal visitor may be welcome, a rather graceful subject for a nice Instagram post. However, some backyard visitors are not quite as attractive….

We have an international reputation of having some of the world’s most vicious and venomous snakes. Although annual snakebite deaths in Australia are not as numerous as compared to other snake prone regions (South Africa has an average of 476 snakebite deaths per year as opposed to Australia which has around 2 to 3 snakebite and related deaths per year), caution is always better than cure.

Thankfully, most venomous snakes in Australia don’t mount an attack unless severely threatened. We’re also the only country with an efficient snake venom detection kit. Available antivenoms, coverage of snakebite treatment by Medicare and the prompt response by the Royal Flying Doctors have made snakebite management more robust.

Humans are not the only victim to snakebites. Snakes tend to feel threatened in the presence of domesticated animals as well and may often lash to bite them as well. Research found that dogs are more likely to die from snakebites than cats.

Many Australians also have backyard chicken coops, which attract quite a lot of their predators including cats, hawks, foxes, even snakes. Chicken eggs, adults and even younglings serve as a great source of nutrition for snakes, so the most common reason why a snake might get inside a coop is hunger.

Additionally, snakes enter chicken coops to quench their thirst as water is almost always available inside coops as well as for shelter. Large snakes can devour live chickens, while venomous snakes may endanger chickens through lethal bites. Moreover, humans, especially children are often taken by surprise when they casually reach down to bring out an egg or two and find a hiding snake in the bedding. Either way, we definitely want to avoid snakes inside a chicken coop!

How do snakes enter chicken coops? Snakes have a soft and slender body which allows them to slither through holes. Snakes can even invade coops by going through, over and underneath fencing. Because snakes don’t eat every day, it might be difficult for you to notice something strange happening inside and around the chicken coops. It could actually take somewhere between 4 - 40 days or even more until you notice a missing or injured chicken. Following are some indicators of snake invasions in your chicken coop:

  • Abandoned snake skin
  • Regurgitated egg shells
  • Missing chickens and eggs
  • Dead chickens (with a wet head)

As snakes enter chicken coops unannounced often at the dead of night, securing chicken coops and making them snake proof is the best way to prevent snakes from getting inside chicken coops. Some approaches to snake-proofing a coop include:

  • Covering all openings and holes.
  • Using meshes and hardware clothes with holes less than ¼ inch.
  • Raising the elevation of coops.
  • Getting rid of any unwanted debris around and inside the yard.
  • Keeping the grass levelled and clearing out bushes and tall grass.
  • Keeping the rodent population around and inside the yard under control.

 In addition, you can also install battery powered or solar snake repellers around the coop. EnviroBug snake repellers are designed for Australian conditions and emit vibrations of varied frequencies, which ground snakes often perceive as large animals and by extension, danger. The frequency will change every 7 days so that snakes don’t get used to the vibrations. The vibrations won’t bother the chickens or any other pets you have.

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Envirobug Powerful Batter...
from $98.00
Keep Your Family and Pets Safe This Season With Our Twin Pack Dual Frequency Model Weather resistant Battery Snake Repeller.  The weather resistant, tough, EnviroBug battery powered snake repellers are ideally suited to areas where sunlight is poor, protected zones are too shady or need to be placed in or under buildings.4 Alkaline D cell batteries provide continues power to keep them operating 24/7 for an average of 6 to 8 months depending on the quality of the batteries used, before needing to replace the batteries. They can also be combined with solar powered EnviroBug repellers to ensure maximum protection from snakes in almost any outdoor environment Ideal For: Houses Aviaries Dog Kennels Pet Enclosures Kids Play areas Gardens Why would you run the risk of confronting snakes in your yard? It's true, you do get what you pay for. EnviroBug variable frequency battery powered snake repellers are designed to our specifications. They help create a safe environment within their protection zone and are designed to greatly reduce the risk of confrontations with snakes, This helps to create safe areas for you, your family and your pets to enjoy. It's a high-quality product designed and manufactured to give reliable service and to last the distance and will still be operating long after poorer quality products have stopped working. Variable frequencies are crucially important in preventing snakes from acclimatising and ignoring the vibrations The repellers emit a variable frequency vibration that mimics heavy-footed animals, and snakes are deaf they rely on their acute sensitivity to identify and interpret these vibrations. If sensing these as a potential danger, they will abandon the protected area. The repellers also produce a sound to alert you that they are operating. Where sound muting is required, simply bury the snake repeller stems deeper in the ground. The EBC Battery Powered Variable Frequency Snake repeller works where the solar repeller won't. Ideal in shaded areas, dirt floor sheds, animal pens, under buildings and more. They can be used in conjunction with solar snake repellers, deters snakes from claiming territory and making themselves at home at your place.  How many will you need? For perimeter defence placement, the recommended distance is 30 metres apart, however allowances need to be made where the area to be protected has soft ground, rocky, heavily wooded, large trees, concrete paths, and driveways etc. In these instances, it pays to keep them closer together as the vibrations may not travel as far.  There should be a line of sight between repellers preferably without obstructions between them and where there are obstructions as mentioned above, repellers should be placed either side.   Features: The repellers feature a unique to the battery powered model, an ultrasonic vibration frequency and an offset motor that produces a strong physical vibration - double protection for your family! The repeller covers up to a 40-meter diameter; the most powerful repeller available in Australia Water resistant aluminum stem Takes 4 D-Cell batteries 6 to 8 months continuous operation on 1 set of batteries 12-month return and replacement warranty Product Specifications Batteries: 4 x D-Cell (not supplied) Mode of repulsion: Ultrasonic and physical vibration Effective range: up to 40 metre diameter Material: Aluminium alloy and ABS Length: 44.5cm Width: 6.5cm x 6.5cm (head) Snake Types: There are two main categories of snakes in Australia; ground-dwelling snakes, mainly venomous, and tree-dwelling snakes, mostly non-venomous. These repellers work for all native ground-dwelling snakes by emitting a variable frequency into the ground to scare them away. They sometimes won't work with arboreal snakes, such as tree snakes and pythons, which can be used to being in close proximity to humans and larger animals. It is also important to remember snakes are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable. As well as avoiding confrontation, care should always be taken to wear appropriate clothing and being familiar with the latest snake safety information. You can watch our videos and installation instructions here. Package Contents: 2 x Envirobug Powerful Battery Snake Repellers
Envirobug Powerful Solar ...
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Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your family & pets from deadly snakes EnviroBug offers you the strongest, most effective, reliable solar snake repellers available to protect you from deadly ground snakes. 8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people try to pick them up, scare them, corner them or accidentally step on them. Keeping snakes away is always the safest approach. The Envirobug vibrating motor repeller emits stronger variable vibrations frequencies, providing greater coverage and better protection. Consistent use deters snakes from establishing a territory on your property! Over the last decade, thousands of customers have installed our repellers and successfully kept ground snakes at bay. Product Features: Silent motor with stronger vibrations than ever before Variable vibration pattern ensures snakes maximum discomfort without any harm Massive 40 Meter diameter protection coverage – 80% more area than other repellers on the market Slanted weatherproof fade-resistant solar head targets the sun and prevents fogging Large capacity rechargeable battery (included) Holds charge up to 10 days in poor sunlight to keep you safer, longer Quiet operation with LED indicator light to tell you it’s working Anodised stem to prevent corrosive mineralisation from the soil 12-month warranty for your peace of mind What is the EnviroBug difference? ​   Other snake repellers (Ultra Frequency Repellers) EnviroBug Silent Solar Snake Repellers What this means for you Coverage 25 – 30 metres apart 35 – 40 metres apart   · A massive 80% more coverage area per repeller · Ensures better protection · Saves you money as you need fewer repellers to cover the same area Noise Ultrasonic (and noisy) vibrations Strong and silent vibrations · Older style ultra-frequency repellers can be too noisy for built-up areas · Our unique design is quiet and won’t annoy you or your neighbours   Vibrations Single frequency vibrations Variable frequency vibrations · Snakes can get used to single frequency snake repellers and become unafraid of the repeller frequency over time · Our variable frequency vibrations mimic a variety of large footed animals to ensure that snakes never get comfortable and keep away permanently   Solar panels Flat solar panel that often fogs up and reduces reliability. Most other snake repellers have flat solar panels. This can be a problem in poor weather conditions resulting in water leakages, deterioration and lower reliability. Slanted clear rainproof solar panel for year-round reliability.   · Specifically Designed to Suit Australian Weather Conditions · Our revolutionary slanted solar panel design can withstand extreme weather conditions as water runs off the surface of the protective panel. · The slanted panel also allows you to maximise direct sun exposure · Our repellers are more reliable for longer   You can watch our videos and installation instructions here.  Product Specifications Voltage: 3.7V Amp Hours: 1500 Battery type: Rechargeable (solar) / replaceable Effective range: up to 40 metre diameter Material: Aluminium alloy and ABS Length: 43cm Width: 9.2cm x 12.4cm (head) Package Contents: 2 x Envirobug Powerful Solar Snake Repellers (batteries included)
Termite Ninja - DIY Compl...
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Termites could be damaging your home 24/7 all year round! CSIRO statistics show that as many as 1 in 3 buildings in Australia are affected by termites annually resulting in over 1 billion dollars in costly repairs. According to the Insurance Council of Australia you are unlikely to be covered against termite damage unless specifically stated in your insurance contract. How well prepared are you to protect your valuable home and property? Getting professionals to protect or treat your home can leave you with a huge hole in your pocket. Why pay them THOUSANDS of $$$ to install a termite monitor & baiting system that you can easily do it yourself? There now is a safe, easy, economical DIY solution to protect your home and property from termites for a fraction of the cost pesties charge! Exclusive to EnviroBug, the only multi-purpose monitor & bait system on the market that you can easily install, monitor and kill termite nests including the queen anywhere on your property without risk to you or your family's health. Over the last 14 years, we have helped thousands of people install their own DIY systems and successfully treat termites, saving themselves many thousands of dollars in the process. The Termite Ninja Difference It is the only termite protection system that contains effective attractant bait tablets and termite treatment It is the only system that allows you to directly install termite bait stations to monitor and treat termites anywhere – not just on the ground.  Treat termites on walls Treat termites on the ground Treat termites in the ground Treat termites on stumps and patios They can even be painted to match your house! The termite bait is applied directly onto the spot where termites are active; no guessing, hoping or approximation Monitor and control termite activity without having to touch the termite trap (and risk termites scattering) The termite treatment is applied without disturbing termites – ensuring they effectively carry the treatment back to the main nest Our bait system directly targets the queen (like a Ninja!) – her trusty soldiers carry the killer bait treatment back to the nest and once she dies, this will trigger a colony collapse. No other system on the market can offer you the same degree of versatility or ease of use! Why choose EnviroBug DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?  The flexibility of Termite Ninja Monitor & Bait Traps compared with other traps What you get with your EnviroBug DIY termite Ninja monitor and bait system?   You get your selected number of termite Ninja multi-purpose bait traps combo complete with all the components ready to assemble and position ready to go to work. You also get termite killer baits and our EASY Step by step install, monitor, and treatment guide to help you identify the best places to install, and how to treat termites. You can also buy additional treatments separately in either 5 or 10 packs as shown on our website. There are pack sizes to suit all of your needs.It's advisable to carry out your own regular termite inspections looking for the tell tale signs. It is still important to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to aid in the detection of termite activity. Product Features: Multi-purpose termite control boxes for multiple uses. Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps. Generous supply of specially prepared termite timber bait. Clear indicator viewing window for ease of monitoring. 35mm black plug for monitoring treatment progress. Ant proof design prevents normal ants colonising the box. 10 year manufacturers replacement parts warranty.   Package Contents:  Pack Size Pack Contents 4 Bait Station Kit 4 x Bait Station Boxes4 x Bait Station Lid Kits4 x Indicator Dowels4 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets4 x Wooden Termite Baits2 x Killer Bait Treatments 12 Bait Station Kit 12 x Bait Station Boxes12 x Bait Station Lid Kits12 x Indicator Dowels12 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets12 x Wooden Termite Baits3 x Killer Bait Treatments 18 Bait Station Kit 18 x Bait Station Boxes18 x Bait Station Lid Kits18 x Indicator Dowels18 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets18 x Wooden Termite Baits4 x Killer Bait Treatments 24 Bait Station Kit 24 x Bait Station Boxes24 x Bait Station Lid Kits24 x Indicator Dowels24 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets24 x Wooden Termite Baits5 x Killer Bait Treatments 36 Bait Station Kit 36 x Bait Station Boxes36 x Bait Station Lid Kits36 x Indicator Dowels36 x Non-toxic Cellulose Bait Tablets36 x Wooden Termite Baits5 x Killer Bait Treatments   Full instructions and setup videos will be sent to you via email shortly after purchase.
360 Degree Ultrasonic Pes...
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A low cost, hassle-free, highly effective and contactless means of repelling rodents from areas you want keep vermin free.  Safely repels mice, rats and other pests in the home using state-of-the-art ultrasonic sound waves that only small pests can hear. The best solution to pest problems is to prevent them in the first place! Mice, rats and other vermin are attracted to homes and sheds as they offer the ideal environment with dry, warm, easy access to food and water, plus plenty of nesting material. Prevent pests before they set up house and avoid the horror of having them die in hard to get to places like in walls, behind furniture, fridges and stoves. Avoid using poisons, rat and mouse traps or electronic traps to kill pests. No offensive or embarrassing smell of rotting rodent bodies that can last for weeks.  Simply plug in the EnviroBug 360-Degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (USB plug) and it begins to emit high electronic frequencies, inaudible to the human ear. It is highly irritating to vermin and stops them from settling in – but guaranteed not to bother your pets. Pests gather where there is food, shelter and warmth. We recommend pest repellers in the following rooms: Kitchen Pantry Laundry Garage Storage room Animal feed shed Roof cavities Farm sheds  How do they work? The 360-degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is highly effective against rats, mice, and other pests by producing an ultrasonic signal above the audible range of the human ear. It irritates rodents and other pests, making it uncomfortable for them to remain in the protected area. The repellers operate off a USB plug.  A 2-meter lead allows for effective placement. The repeller can cover up to 370 square metres in an open unobstructed area. Where should I use them? The clearer the area is of solid objects, the further the ultrasonic frequencies will penetrate. Vermin prefer anywhere food sources are available. Kitchens and pantries are critical places to install the repellers, followed by storage or box rooms, sheds, garages and other places that provide ideal nesting materials and places to make a home for themselves. While these repellers are designed specifically to repel mice, rats and other rodents, customers have also had success keeping away a range of other small creatures including bugs, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders. Please note: it's normal for pest activity to increase slightly after installation, as they are disturbed and looking for somewhere else to live. They will shortly go away! They are safe for use around cats and dogs and generally the frequency will not affect them.    Features: Silent operation Up to 370 square metre effective range Operation light indicator Test switch Low power cost power usage 12-month full replacement warranty. Product Specifications Input Voltage: 3.5V Frequency Range: 25-65KHz Mode of repulsion: Ultrasonic waves Wave Pressure: 90dB Material: ABS Effective coverage: up to 370 square metres Height: 7.5cm Width: 12cm Package Contents: 1 x 360 Degree Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (USB Powered, AC adapter optional)
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