Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose- DIY Bullseye 2 Pack - Termite Traps

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  • Did you know that CSIRO statistics show that as many as 1 in 3 buildings in Australia are affected by termites resulting in over 1 billion dollars in costly repairs, annually.

    What is even more worrying, is that according to the Insurance Council of Australia you are unlikely to be covered against termite damage unless specifically stated in your insurance contract. This means it's every man for himself.

    Are you looking for a safe, economical easy DIY solution to protect your home and property from termites? (aka white ants.)

    Why pay someone else THOUSANDS of $$$ to install a termite monitor & baiting system?  When you can easily do it yourself at a fraction of the cost! 


    It's Not A House, It's A Home - Envirobug DIY Termite Control Explained Simply


    Why choose EBC DIY Termite Ninja Multi-Purpose Termite Control Monitor & Bait stations compared with others?


    Flexibility of Termite Ninja Monitor & Bait Traps compared with other traps



    When is the best time to install a DIY termite baiting system?:

    The best time to install a baiting system is before they get into your building. It's much easier and cheaper to treat them in a bait station than treat them once they're in the building.

    Is it easy to manage your own DIY termite control monitoring and baiting system?:

    You can now protect your property with a 100% Australian designed fully Do-It-Yourself termite eradication system. Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of people install their own DIY systems and successfully treat termites.

    EBC Termite Ninja multi-purpose monitor and bait systems let you do the job just as effectively as pest controllers can do at a fraction of the cost.

    You can place them on the ground - in the ground - on an interior or exterior wall  [Note: they can be painted to match] - on patios - on fence posts - on tree stumps - in fact almost anywhere there may be termites and using the same strength growth regulator treatment pest controllers use.

    How many Termite Ninja control traps will I need?

    The pest control industry formula is 1 bait trap every 2 to 3 meters, placed from 1/2 a meter and up to 3 meters out from a house or building, taking care to focus on moist or damp areas as this is where termites are most drawn to.

      As well as houses, you can also use the stations for spot control around: Timber Sheds - Stock yards - Wood piles - Tree stumps - Termite nests etc.

    How you know when you have termites in the bait station?

    A monthly check of the view windows on the trap lid looking for signs of mud lets you  know if there are termites inside.

    What to do next:

    Purchase the Killer bait and apply as per the instructions. The easy step by step graphics show you how..

    What you get with your EBC DIY termite Ninja monitor and bait system: 

    You get 2 termite Ninja multi-purpose bait traps ready to assemble and position. Just add the prepared timber attractant included, and they're ready to go to work. You also get our EASY Step by step install, monitor,and treatment guide to help you identify the best places to install, and how to treat termites. And of course our friendly "talk to a real person", FREE CALL phone backup support on 1800 858977.  Free delivery and a bonus  free "CSIRO 10 steps for termite protection".

    You can also buy additional treatments separately in either 5 or 10 packs as shown on our website.

    There are pack sizes to suit all of your needs:

    It's advisable to carry out your own regular termite inspections looking for the tell tale signs as covered in our bonus CSIRO 10 steps guide.

    It is still important to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to aid in detection of termite activity. .

     Product Features:

    • Multi-purose termite control boxes for multiple uses.

    • Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps.

    • Generous supply of especially prepared termite timber bait.

    • Special viewing window eliminates cap removal for regular monitoring.

    • Ant proof design prevents normal ants colonising the box.




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  • Returns Policy

    As a valued retail customer if you change your mind for any reason within 30 days of purchase we’ll give you a full refund, hassle free!

    Naturally if the goods arrive to you damaged in transit or faulty in any way we’ll give you a full refund, or a replacement – your choice

    And remember, you are also protected by our full 12 month replacement warranty on all EBC Enviro Bug Control products excluding accidental damage during installation or usage.

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