Solar powered Blue LED Portable Photo-Catalyst Mosquito Trap

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  • Would you like to reclaim your outdoor entertaining areas back from annoying biting Mosquitoes this summer? Want to save money and harness the suns free energy to do it for you as cheaply and effectively as possible? 

    Well now there is a new way you can! These solar operated mosquito catchers are your answer designed to be placed around your property to lure disease carrying mosquitoes into traps by emitting small amounts of Co2 gas the same as we exhale through our breath. This is one of the primary scents attractive to the female mosquitoes searching for a blood meal. 

    Did you know that most mosquitoes are territorial? It's true they live in an an area of approximately 100 yard diameter and it's only the females that bite, and only when they are ready to lay their eggs, around 1000 at a time, 2 to 3 times in their 3 to 5 week short life cycle! 

    So, the more female mosquitoes you can trap the fewer mosquitoes you'll have to deal with.  

    Placing a number of these super efficient, easy to use traps around your property will help you claim your outdoors. Each trap is most effective in up to around 30 feet diameter. 

    So what are you waiting for? Start using them ASAP! And get the relief from these mosquito pests you need.

    Model Number: pest control light 

    Capacity: 20
    Packing: Blister Card Package
    Product: Mosquito Repellent Heater
    Power Source: Sun Battery
    Category: Mosquito Repeller
    Charger: Rechargeable
    Fragrance: Scentless
    Time Used: 10 Hours
    Feature: Eco-Friendly
    State: Solid
    Pest Type: Mosquitoes
    Pest Control Type: Traps
    Design: Regular
    Mosquito type: Mosquito-killing Lamp
    Applicable Area: 20-50 square meters
    Specification: as decription
    Use: pest control light
    Object: Mosquito fly

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