EBC New Silent Solar Snake Repellers Large Farm 20 Pack


You Save $571.00 (48%)

EBC New Silent Solar Snake Repellers Large Farm 20 Pack


You Save $571.00 (48%)

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  • Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your family & pets from snakes!

    You really need to have the best, strongest, most effective, reliable Snake Repeller available. There is no other Repeller on the market that will give you the same level of protection!

    The Envirobug vibrating motor repeller emits stronger variable vibrations frequencies providing greater coverage and better protection. This also saves you money as you need fewer snake repellers to cover the same protected area. 
    Why do you need to protect yourself from ground snakes? 

    CSIRO statistics show that 8 out of 10 snake bites occur when people try to pick them up, try to scare them, corner them or accidentally step on them. Keeping them away is the safest policy. 


    Why they work. 

    Snakes are inherently deaf and rely on their acute sensitivity through their nervous system to identify creatures larger and smaller than themselves. The repellers create a vibration strong enough to mimic large animal movements and because snakes mostly want to avoid confrontation with larger animals, will instinctively keep away from the protected areas and because the vibration frequencies change constantly, it prevents the snakes from acclimatising to these vibrations. 

    Older style ultra-frequency solar powered repellers are noisy and may be unsuitable in built-up areas. Another issue with single frequency snake repellers is that snakes can get used to the one frequency over time and requires you to move them from time to time. The Envirobug snake repellers unique design allows for quieter and stronger vibrations without annoying you or your neighbors. It really is about the vibe of the thing!  



    Why they're different to ordinary snake repellers.

    • Silent variable vibrating motor with stronger vibrations then Ultra Frequency Repellers
    • 40 Meter plus Diameter Protection Coverage! 10 Meters More than Ordinary Repellers
    • Slanted Weatherproof Fade Resistant Solar Head. Larger Capacity Rechargeable Battery,
    • Holds charge up to 10 days in Poor sunlight! No noise! Quiet operation with LED Indicator light that tells you it’s working.
    • Anodised Stem prevents corrosive mineralization from the soil

    Our famous 12months easy return and replace warranty policy.



      How snake repellers work.

      The variable frequency vibrations mimic a variety of large-footed animals to ensure that snakes do not get used to it and keep snakes away all the time. Unlike other solar snake repellers, EBC silent snake solar powered snake repeller is specifically designed to suit Australian conditions.


      Why should you choose EBC snake repellers? 

      Most other generic snake repellers have flat solar panels. This can be a problem in extreme weather conditions resulting in water leakages, deterioration, and decreased reliability. Envirobug’s revolutionary slanted solar panel design captures more sunlight and can withstand extreme weather conditions as water runs off the surface of the protective panel. 

      The silent vibrating motor snake repellers indicate they are operating with a flashing LED light on the apex of the solar head. In open ground areas with firm soil, they can be placed up to 40 meters apart. In softer soils, bushy and rocky areas this distance should be reduced accordingly. 

      There should always be a line of sight for perimeter use allowing for larger obstructions to have repellers placed either side. 
      Working out how many you will need. 

      This depends on the size of the area you wish to protect. We provide a How many do I need? guide to help you work this out.

      What you should know about Aussie snake types. 

      There two main categories of snakes in Australia, ground-dwelling snakes, mainly venomous, and arboreal dwelling snakes mostly non-venomous. 
      It is also important to remember snakes are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable. As well as avoiding confrontation, care should always be taken to wear appropriate clothing and being familiar with the latest snake safety information. 

      It’s the vibe of the Thing – Envirobug Snake Repellers explained simply




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      • Returns Policy

        As a valued retail customer if you change your mind for any reason within 30 days of purchase we’ll give you a full refund, hassle free!

        Naturally if the goods arrive to you damaged in transit or faulty in any way we’ll give you a full refund, or a replacement – your choice

        And remember, you are also protected by our full 12 month replacement warranty on all EBC Enviro Bug Control products excluding accidental damage during installation or usage.

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      Thi L.

      Seems to be working

      Bought 30 solar snake repellers for a large ha. property with lots of snakes. Not sure if it’s coincidence but haven’t seen a snake nearby since putting it in. You can see it working.

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