Enviro Bug Control - Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Enviro Bug Control - Outdoor Mosquito Trap

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  • Fed up With Annoying Mosquitoes Ruining Your Outdoors This Summer, and Running The Risk of Mosquito Borne Diseases?

    You need a solution that doesn’t involve using poisonous sprays that may impact on your
    family’s health. Zappers aren’t the answer either – they produce offensive sounds and odours. And smelly fluid traps need constant emptying and filling.

    Your very best answer is EBC Enviro Bug Control’s Dry Killer Traps.
    Mosquito Dry Killer Traps work by attracting mozzies to the trap using a titanium impregnated inner collar that releases small amounts of carbon dioxide (Co2 is one of the major reasons mozzies are attracted to us). It signals a warm blooded creature to suck blood from.
    This and the blue light spectrum attracts them to fly in through the windows of the trap. A strong internal fan sucks them down into the basket attached to the bottom of the trap where the constant flow of circulating air kills them by dehydration. NO Smells! - NO stinky fluids to deal with!.
    The NEW model Mosquito Killer Trap helps you protect your family and get your outdoor areas back! It's latest version of the outdoor mosquito trap that has proven to be the most reliable successful mosquito fighting machine for more than 10 years and is still head & shoulders the best in its class. Still the most powerful, effective, safe, enviro-friendly and economical way to keep these biting insect pests under control.


    • Dry trapping system.
    • NO Nasty poisons!
    • Traps - Not zaps!
    • No smelly Attractants! - No messy fluids!
    • Whisper quiet!
    • Auto Sensor operation.
    • Economical to run.
    • 12 month replacement warranty.

    Ideal For:

    • Outdoor Entertaining Areas
    • Pool areas
    • Decks
    • Pergolas
    • Shade houses
    • Stables
    • 1/2 acre and upwards coverage
    The Mosquito Dry Killer Trap is the ideal way of controlling and reducing mosquito populations by luring and trapping breeding female mosquitoes and preventing the laying of multiple thousands of mosquito eggs.
    This fact means you can reduce their population so you can get them under control.
    The trap uses a clever automatic closing basket which stops the catch from escaping when the trap is turned off.
    You can easily install a Mosquito Killer Trap under your House Eaves - Pergola - Car Port - Shed etc. and help reduce your mosquito problems now. Just flick the switch and be mozzie FREE in no time!
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    Naturally if the goods arrive to you damaged in transit or faulty in any way we’ll give you a full refund, or a replacement – your choice

    And remember, you are also protected by our full 12 month replacement warranty on all EBC Enviro Bug Control products excluding accidental damage during installation or usage.

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