Battery Powered Snake Repeller large Block 8 Pack

You Save $147.00 (34%)

Battery Powered Snake Repeller large Block 8 Pack

You Save $147.00 (34%)

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    Keep Your Family and Pets Safe This Season With the NEW 2018 Twin Pack Dual Frequency Model Weather Resistant Battery Snake Repeller.

    The weather resistant, tough, EBC battery powered snake repellers are ideally suited to use in places where sunlight is poor, in areas needing protection that are shady or where repellers need to be placed around buildings, poultry yards, aviaries, kennels, stables long grass, or garden beds. etc.

    Why would you run the risk of confronting snakes in your yard?

    It's true, you do get what you pay for. EBC variable frequency battery powered snake repellers are designed to our specifications. They help create a safe environment within their protection zone and are designed to greatly reduce the risk of confrontations with snakes, This helps to create safe areas for you, your family and your pets to enjoy.

    What the Experts Say

    By nature, snakes possess poor eyesight and are inherently deaf, so they rely on their finely tuned nervous systems to identify movement around them. Ground dwelling snakes are also able to detect the source of the very smallest of vibrations made by other creatures in their vicinity. This assists them to identify potential food, or potential danger. The strong vibrations made by large animals is perceived as a potential threat and encourages them to seek refuge away from the potential source of danger.

    As well as measures to avoid risks of confrontation, one commonly given advice given by snake handlers is to always stamp on the ground firmly before proceeding through long grass or scrub, This gives snakes time to move safely out of the way.

    It’s the Vibe of the Thing – Envirobug Snake Repellers Explained Simply

    Variable frequencies are crucially important in preventing snakes from acclimatising and potentially ignoring constant single pitch vibrations. The battery powered repellers emit dual variable frequency vibrations that mimic those made by heavy-footed animals.

    Snakes are inherently deaf and rely on their acute nervous system sensitivity to identify and interpret these vibrations. If sensing potential danger, they will abandon the protected area. As well
    as a flashing LED visible through the translucent cap, the sound of the ultra-sonic buzzer also alerts you that they are operating.

    How Our Snake Repellers Work

    The repellers create a vibration strong enough to mimic large animal movements and because snakes mostly want to avoid confrontation with larger animals, will instinctively keep away from the protected areas and because the vibration frequencies change constantly, it prevents the snakes from acclimatising to these vibrations.
    Older style ultra-frequency battery powered repellers are noisy and may be unsuitable in built-up areas. Another issue with single frequency snake repellers is that snakes can get used to the one frequency over time and requires you to move them from time to time. The Envirobug snake repellers unique design allows for quieter and stronger vibrations without annoying you or your neighbors. It really is about the vibe of the thing!

    It's a high-quality product designed and
    manufactured to give reliable service and to last the distance and will still be operating long after poorer quality products have stopped working.

    The EBC Battery Powered Variable Frequency Snake repeller works where the solar repeller won't. Ideal in shaded areas, dirt floor sheds, animal pens, under buildings and more. They can be used in conjunction with solar snake repellers, deters snakes from claiming territory and making themselves at home at your place.

    They Are Super Easy To Install and Operate

    Keep your Outdoor Areas Safe from Snakes

    In the last 10 years we have helped tens of thousands of Australians protect their properties from ground dwelling snakes. Whilst most people use our snake repellers to protect their homes and yards, they are also be invaluable in protecting kennels, poultry pens, aviaries, stables, and other animal
    enclosures too.
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    And remember, you are also protected by our full 12 month replacement warranty on all EBC Enviro Bug Control products excluding accidental damage during installation or usage.

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