Hi Paul,

            I believe they work. Last summer we had about 4 baby snakes (brown family Gwarders) which were fairly close to the snake repellers as in few metres. However they disappeared. I had one big Gwarder that was between house and garage (about 5m distance between the two). I had a snake repeller about 12m from where I saw it (to right), the snake saw me and took off disappearing amongst poly piping next to garage (left).  I didn't want it to remain there so hit the end (away from snake) to try to get it to leave in direction of paddock. It turned back (right) towards me but along garage side (it wasn't coming for me) and went around front of garage and disappeared further up. I believe it may have felt the snake repeller at end of house (on left)  and came back because of this. I shifted the one that was about 10m from house/garage (snake moved away from this when it went in front of garage direction) to right between house and garage - didn't see any snakes after this. I've put a battery snake repeller there this year as it is in shade more now.


regards Karina Famlonga



(Beverley Halloran, Junabee QLD 4370)

I bought snake repellers from Enviro Bug Control last year. Since then, on several occasions, I have witnessed a snake moving across the lawn towards a snake repeller, and then on sensing the vibration, turn tail and move away. This proves to me that the repellers are effective and I have just purchased some more.


(Bev Shearer, Bega, NSW  2550)

We installed snake repellers at our property 2 years ago. In the past we always had to be very careful when we walked around, but now do so with confidence. We have not seen snakes since buying the repellers, and usually we would have at least 4 snake events per season in very close proximity.  My neighbours still see many snakes and tell me I am chasing them over to their place!

Bev Shearer, Bega NSW  2550


I installed the termite baiting system when we noticed termite activity near the house. Soon after installing we had an active station and proceeded to bait the termites as instructed. Paul was very helpful and I spoke with him many times on the phone as the treatment continued. The nest must have been exceedingly large as I kept feeding the termites for many weeks, and was not sure it was working, but finally the signs I was looking for appeared and then there was no more activity at all. The nest was destroyed and we have not as yet had any further attacks. I am very happy to know I have the system in place.

 Dunlop , Wauchope, NSW 2422