Termites Found Inside The House

I Have Found Termites In My Home

Here at Envirobug Control we pride ourselves on always doing the right thing by the customer, and in this case our Monitoring and Baiting solution may not be as rapid as you need in case you may already have extensive damage.

It you have found termites in your home we recommend you get an ‘on-site inspection’ from a qualified Pest Controller who may recommend treatment to prevent further damage by treating the infestation immediately.

They may recommend a termite baiting system to protect your home from future possible attacks. This is when you could be quoted Thousands of $$$ for something you can easily do yourself at a fraction of the cost of their systems.

Do not commit to buying a system before you have compared our DIY Termite Ninja Multi-purpose monitoring and baiting solution that can help you prevent any future re-infestations.