The TEN things you should NEVER do if you are assisting someone who has been been bitten by a snake.

1. Never panic! It is important to stay calm and keep the patient calm also.

2. Never try to catch the snake as this could lead to another bite.

3. Never give alcohol, tea, stimulants, food or medications without medical advice.

4. never wash the wound, use ligatures, tourniquets and do not try sucking the wound or use  suction from any device.

5. Never allow the patient to walk or run after a snake bite.

6. Never remove or loosen any pressure immobilisation bandages unless advised to do so by medical personnel.

7. Never  ignore the urgency of obtaining medical assistance in favour of traditional medicines or home remedies.

8. Never cut or excise the bitten or stung area.

9. Never apply an arterial tourniquet. Arterial tourniquets which cut of circulation to the limb are potentially dangerous an are no longer recommended for any bite or sting.

10. Never wash the bitten or stung area as the type of snake may be identified by the detection of venom on the skin.

Taken from the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne and the Queensland Government of Education Training and Employment.


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