1. What are electronic mosquito traps?
  2. How do they work?
  3. How can I control mosquitoes?
  4. How many mosquito traps will I need?
  5. Why use EBC mosquito traps?


What are electronic mosquito traps?

They are traps designed to work in outdoor areas to catch and kill female breeding mosquitoes, allowing you to reclaim your outdoor living areas. They are powered by standard 240 volt power and plug into wall, outdoor power sockets and normal power leads.

How do they work?

They operate by using a combination of UV light and the small amount of Co2 gas produced from the titanium dioxide impregnated collars on the inside of the traps. The gas is produced through catalytic reaction from the UV light and heat produced from the lamps. When the trap is running the centrally mounted fan creates a powerful downdraft that mosquitoes entering through the upper windows searching for a blood meal are powerless to resist. Once trapped the constant flow of air around them in the basket, kills them by dehydration.

How can I control mosquitoes?

Most mosquitoes live in a 100 to 150 metre radius around areas inhabited by people and animals and breed in any stagnant water. The female will lay an average of 1000 eggs at a time. So it makes sense that killing as many females as possible is the best way to control mosquito populations.

As well as using outdoor mosquito traps, it is equally important is to identify and remove sources of stagnant water. Some of the most overlooked stagnant water sources are water retaining plants like bromeliads, and plant pot water saucers. These should be flushed with fresh water every couple of days to prevent the eggs from hatching.

How many mosquito traps will I need?

In most situations one trap is sufficient, however depending on outdoor areas used around an average sized block you may require more than one to achieve better results. Both traps are intended for outdoor use. The YD-003 weatherproof will cover up to ½ acre and has the advantage of being able to withstand ALL weather conditions. It uses blue UV LED lights and Tio2 nano technology to lure breeding female mosquitoes into the trap.

The Mosquito terminator will cover areas ½ an acre and over, however needs some protection from the weather and is restricted to being located under eaves, covered decks, verandahs, patios etc. It uses a combination of a blue UV lamp and Tio2 nano technology to lure the mosquitoes.

Both traps use automatic light sensors to turn the traps on and off. Where there is an advantage to have the traps running 24/7 you can bypass this function by placing black electrical tape over the sensor.

Why use EBC mosquito traps?

  • Controls mosquito populations.
  • Very economical - draws less than 25watts of power per hour when in use.
  • Whisper quiet
  • Traps – NOT - zaps.
  • Dry traps – no smelly attractant fluids required.
  • Catch can be fed to birds or disposed of in compost.
  • Weather resistant as well as weatherproof.
  • Full 12 month replacement warranty.

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