Enviro Bug Control - Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit Attractant - 3 Pack

Enviro Bug Control - Pure Cellulose Termite Bait Unit Attractant - 3 Pack

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How to Get More Termites Into Your Baiting Traps So You Can Eradicate Them Faster.

Successfully attracting termites to a termite control box is only half the battle. Keeping them there and increasing the number that are feeding is the other half.

Most DIY termite baiting systems just rely on using timber or cardboard as the main attractants to getting termites into the traps. Termites are drawn to the timber lures because they contain cellulose, termites natural food.

Now Imagine how much more irresistible it would be if you let them have access to 100% pure cellulose that they don't have to extract from timber or cardboard.

That's where our new termiteninja 100% pure cellulose solid monitoring tablets come into their own. Not only will they attract them, it will bring in larger number of termites wanting to get there share, like lolly pops for termites.

Why is attracting larger numbers important?

Because when you add the IGR killer bait the more termites eating it greatly hastens the process for getting it to the queen.

Are cellulose tablets suitable for all DIY termite baiting systems?

If you already have bait stations or are considering installing a DIY system, adding the tablets to your termite control system increases your chances of successfully eliminating your termite problem.

CSIRO statistics show that as many as 1 in 3 buildings in Australia are affected by termites resulting in over 1 billion dollars in costly repairs, annually.

Don't Let Your Valuable Property Become One of Them.
Just as concerning, is that according to the Insurance Council of Australia you are unlikely to be covered by termite damage unless specifically stated in your insurance contract.

This means finding the most effective, easy to install & monitor, safe, DIY system to control termites around your property.

If you haven't already got a termite baiting system,Consider installing Termite Ninja DIY Multi-purpose Termite control Stations, the best, safe, economical easy way to protect your home and property from termites.(aka white ants.)

Why pay someone else THOUSANDS of $$$ to install a termite monitor & baiting system? When you can easily do it yourself at a fraction of the cost!

Installation is Quick & Easy Around Your Home & Other Buildings

Is Your Property Termite Free?

Take the Fight to Termites Where Ever They Are

DIY Made Easy

Simple Installation Around Your Property in a Protective Radius

The new MULTI-PURPOSE Termite control boxes can now be located and fixed onto the ground or buried into the ground around your house in 2 to 3 metre intervals, in accordance with pest control industry standards.

The unique flexibility of EBC Termite Ninja traps means that you can also use them individually for specific target areas.

Designed In Australia For Australian Harsh Conditions

EBC DIY termite traps are Australian designed and manufactured specifically to deal with Aussie termites.

The unique multi-purpose trap contains termite attractant wood in the base, and an inspection window in the lid for detecting termite activity.

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose termite control boxes for multiple uses.
  • Reusable tough ABS plastic control box traps.
  • Generous supply of specially prepared termite timber bait. and cellulose tablets.

The Timber in the Traps Lures The Termites

The traps contain attractant wood to lure termites. The termites enter the trap underneath or through the sides of the boxes to access the wood inside. They announce their presence by mudding up the viewing window to block out any light, making it very easy for you to know when they’re there.

If the Window on the Termite Ninja Monitoring Station Gets Cloudy/Muddy Then It Means You Have Termites!

This Can Be a Massive Problem As it Means You May Have Termites Eating Your House

We have Just Added a NEW, Unique Feature to Our Termite Control Boxes to Make Them Even More Attractive to Termites!

As well as the multi-use termite control boxes coming to you with specially prepared timber bait attractants, we have taken it up another notch and have now added a 100% pure cellulose lolly pop tablet that termites just can't get enough of. Cellulose is food for timber termites and reason why they will attack the timber around your home in order to feed their colony.

Combining the timber bait and cellulose tablet creates double the temptation for termites.

The more termites feeding on the bait attractants the quicker the termite killer bait treatment works to kill the queen - and kill the nest.

All new termite combo packs now include the cellulose tablets. Additional tablets can now be purchased separately in packs of 3 or more.

So Don't Delay. Monitor & Protect Your Valuable Home From Termites Today!

It is still important to arrange an annual termite inspection with a timber pest controller as they will have electronic sensing devices to aid in the detection of termite activity.

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