Are Termite Traps or Bait Stations Effective?

January 02, 2020

It's Not A House, It's A Home!

Termites, commonly known as the “Silent Destroyers”, are one of the oldest insects on earth that have been crunching on wood for over millions of years. These species live in warm and tropical regions, particularly in VIC, QLD, NSW, NT, and SA.

While termites are important in the decomposition of decaying trees and plants, termites may be small but tend to become one’s worst nightmare which means that by the time you notice signs of damage, your property might have already suffered a huge blow.

Thousands of homeowners and business owners, seek help from termite control professionals and spend thousands of dollars just to eliminate these silent destroyers. But what makes termite traps or bait stations be as effective as how professionals do in defeating termites at a fraction of the cost?

  1. Most property owners often prefer these advanced termite traps or bait stations because it is 100% environmentally friendly safe. No harmful chemicals inside and outside your home.

  2. Easy to Install – Easy to Monitor – Easy to Treat.

        It’s a Do-It-Yourself termite control solution. It doesn’t need a 
        professional’s help to be able to set the monitoring and baiting system.

   3. With proper maintenance, the advanced baiting system could protect a   
       home for a long time without the need for another treatment.

   4. It can be used for early detection of termite activity.

   5. Eliminates large colonies.

The termite traps or bait station is an APVMA approved and registered insect growth regulator that when ingested by termites removes their ability to produce Chitin, the vital substance necessary to harden their new exoskeletons.

Once termites have ingested or been exposed to the growth regulator they are unable to get rid of it, and the constant contact between termites means that the infection spreads through the colony in a domino effect.


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