EBC Pest Awareness

How Termite Baiting System Works?

The reason termites always find a way to get into houses is because all house provides the kind of food termites thrive on which is a cellulose plant material.

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Are Termite Traps or Bait Stations Effective?

Termites, commonly known as the “Silent Destroyers”, are one of the oldest insects on earth that have been crunching on wood for over millions of years. 

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How Do Solar Snake Repellents Work?

Keeping snakes away from your place can be a real struggle; however, if you get the idea of what makes a snake slither away, then you are on the right track to ensure you can deter them from your home environment.

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DIY Environmentally Friendly Snake Control

Here’s a simple tip to deter snakes from your property.

It’s important to keep your yard free of clutter. 

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