How Do Solar Snake Repellents Work?

January 28, 2019

The Snake-Free Home Environment 

Keeping snakes away from your place can be a real struggle; however, if you get the idea of what makes a snake slither away, then you are on the right track to ensure you can deter them from your home environment.

Solar snake repellers emit stronger high-frequency vibrations in the soil that mimic large animal movements. The solar-powered repellers produce no sound, only strong vibrations. These vibration frequency change constantly so snakes don’t get used to it. 

Ground-dwelling snakes are both inherently deaf, and have poor eyesight, but are flooded with tactile receptors that can pick-up vibrations in a snake’s jaw bone, this compensates for these two deficits. However, they are unable to distinguish what makes these vibrations in the first place. The larger the vibration the greater the danger they are able to perceive.

However, it’s not just the repellents that should be doing the job of dissuading snakes from making themselves at home.

The top tips to keep snakes from meddling in your backyard.

  1. Maintain tidiness

    This can help eliminate potential hiding places such as in woodpiles and rocks, shrubs, etc.

    Woodpiles should be kept well elevated, dark places or holes can also provide them with handy places to nest, hide or cool off.    

  1. Use sealed containers and storage bins to store animal or pet food

    This reduces the potential for an increased number of rodents, and other small creatures living in the area. These can provide attractive and tempting food sources for ground snakes.

    It pays to be also aware that animal and pet drinking containers are also attractive to snakes 

  1. Keeping the surroundings well-irrigated attracts these pests

    It worsens snake invasion to the property.

  1. Cover-up holes

    Inspect your property and its surroundings and check for holes thoroughly.

    These holes, small or big, provides shelter for these snakes and other pests that you don’t want to live in your property.

Ground-dwelling snakes can really be problematic. However, if you install good quality solar snake repellents then you don’t have to worry about being bothered by these unwelcome, possibly dangerous slimy pests.


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