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Australia’s home of eco safe pest control

Welcome – you’ve arrived at Australia’s leading eco-friendly pest supply store.

Why are we the best? Because for the last 14 years we have tirelessly worked to develop the most effective, non-toxic, environmentally safe, pet safe, pest control solutions. And, because we deliver fast all over the country, wherever you live we are your local pest control solution!

As you know, Australia is one of the toughest places in the world for pests. From snakes to spiders, from mice to mozzies, we have the most effective pest control solutions for you and your family. And our eco-friendly products are proven through years of use by thousands of Australian families nationwide.

Think you need to be surrounded by nasty poisons and chemicals to live pest-free? Think again.

Environmentally friendly pest control is the №1 solution now and for the future.

You can get rid of your nasties without causing harm to you, your pets, or the environment. And, even better, our solutions are humane to the pests themselves.

Our home care pest control shop do not sell bug-killing poisons or mouse-killing traps, or even mosquito-killing zappers – because there is a better way. Isn’t it better to have mice and rats stay out of your house than to trap and kill them? Of course it is – none of us love wild rats, but we also don’t want to pick up a dead one… Gross…

So what are these ecosafe solutions, and how do they work?

Our environmentally friendly termite control system (‘Termite Ninja‘) from our bug supply store was developed from the ground up to target Termites where they are most likely to exist, and then using a non-toxic, eco safe natural edible treatment, target the queen for death, in turn causing a rapid colony collapse. 

Our pet-friendly ultrasonic mouse/rat repeller works to make your home environment unbearable to irritating, disease-spreading rodents, driving them out – permanently. They are the most humane rat and mouse solution available. And, as an added bonus, they work on a range of other small pests, such as cockroaches and spiders!

Our range of eco friendly indoor and outdoor bug traps attract and snare annoying, disease-spreading mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects chemical-free and without using any poisons, sprays or baits, just visit our bug shop.

Finally, our famous snake repellers – solar and battery-powered – are here to provide you unmatched power and reliability in keeping your entire property free of slithery, scaly predators. With an effective diameter of up to 40 metres, our repellers pack a harder punch than others on the market – meaning snakes have a much stronger reason to stay away from you, your family and your pets.

Comments from our Customers


T. Diez, New Gisborne VIC

The 4 solar powered snake repellers I bought from you 3 years ago stopped the 2 to 3 tiger snakes which used to live in our yard every summer. I am happy to say I have never seen them since we put the repllers in. I am buying a new set to continue the good work they're doing for us.


The Termite Traps arrived fast and I have installed them easily in many places that were of concern. I've used a few different types of termite control - these are by far the easiest and most versatile ones to install, and everything is in the box (except screws and tent pegs, and those are a variable depending on installation. I will definitely buy again!


Much stronger vibration and a much sturdier unit compared to the two other brands I have already! Very good customer service also Thank you will purchase more


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Looking for a pet friendly pest control in Australia, the same as the professionals but $1,000s cheaper? Welcome to the EnviroBug pest control store.

EnviroBug is the original eco-friendly pest control store, providing safe pest solutions to Australian families since 2008. And, because we ship anywhere (and fast!) we are your local pest supply store. 

Using our environmentally friendly, pet friendly and non toxic pest control solutions can save you literally thousands of dollars compared with other commercially-available products and services. How do we do it? Simply, by being smarter - we use advanced technological solutions to solve time-old pest problems. 

Our philosophy is to give you the solutions you need to prevent your pest problems before they arise - we prefer to keep pests out, rather than let them in only to have to kill them. We prefer to keep pests away from you, your pets and your family - because life is a lot better when we don’t cross each other’s paths!

Naturally prevention of contact is not always possible, and sometimes it’s inevitable that we need to take pests out. Mosquitos, flies and termites are prime examples of this! For these pests, we provide the most scientifically - based solutions that effectively eliminate the pest without using any harmful poisons or toxins - and in a way that is not only rapid, but sustainable.

You found our pet friendly and ecosafe pest control shop because you care enough to stop using nasty, dangerous, toxic chemicals to treat your pest issues. And you’ve come to the right place. But if you would like to test us out, don’t forget we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all our products from our chemical free pest control shop – if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. So there’s absolutely no reason for you not to give our products a go!

So make the switch today, and join our mission to make all of our lives safe, non-toxic, and pest-free with our enviro friendly pest control.


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